A "Viral" Zoom Offense Drill - 4v3 Drive-Kick-Swing Advantage

This new drill video has already gotten over 100,000 views on Twitter and Facebook in about 18 hours... So I figured I'd share it with you in case you wanted to see it!

It's a 4v3 "Drive Kick Swing" Advantage Drill from the brand NEW Zoom Offense product from Coach Nate Steege.

We even had a coach who already watched all of the Zoom videos and left this comment on Twitter:

twitter comment

But let's get back to the drill... so why are coaches loving this drill!?

As mentioned in a previous email, you have to teach your players not to just create advantages...

But HOW to play and score from those advantages!

This 4v3 drill is great for teaching spacing and emphasizing how to play off the dribble drive... With the drive, kick, and swing approach! It's great for teaching those "one more" pass situations.

And as Coach Steege preaches in the video, it's great for practicing those 0.5 second decisions and teaching that "downhill" attack mentality!

Eventually, you can add a 4th defender to the drill as well.

While we're creating an article to put on the website, we didn't want you to have to wait any longer to see it...

So you can view this drill on Facebook or Twitter at the following links....

Twitter - 4v3 "Drive Kick Swing" Advantage Drill

Facebook - 4v3 "Drive Kick Swing" Advantage Drill

If this Zoom Offense System is getting you excited like many others, here's more info!


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Dan Smith says:
11/25/2023 at 4:23:03 PM

Great video, good to see the coach getting on them about the no sticking principle. A smart thing to emphasize strong, intense drives and passes...thanks for this!


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