The Attack & Finish Dribbling Drill - This Eliminates East-West Dribbling and Gets Your Players North-South

How do you get your players in the habit of getting North - South with the ball... rather than East - West?

After all, the most direct route from the ball to the basket is a straight line, right?

Here's a drill that Coach Ryan Schultz loves to use to get his ball handlers in the habit of attacking the rim moving North - South

He calls it "Attack & Finish."

Coach Schultz led his teams to 2 Iowa State Championships, and 6 state appearances in 7 years... running a Hybrid Attack Offense that's main objective was getting the ball to the rim ASAP!

And Attack & Finish has been one of his go-to drills because it's so effective at conditioning his ball handlers to get North - South quickly so they can attack the basket more effectively.

Below is an excerpt from Coach Schultz's Hybrid Attack Offense...

So, let's listen in on how Coach Schultz run Attack & Finish with his players:

Here are the basics of the Attack & Finish Drill:

  • Break your team down in teams of 2 or 3.
  • You'll play mini games of 3 v 2, 2 v 2, or 3 v 3, whichever you prefer.
  • Offense gets 2 points for scoring in the paint... and 1 point for perimeter shots (since the goal is to get to the rim).
  • Offense does not get a point if the ball handler doesn't attack the rim moving North - South... even if they hit the basket.
  • Ball handler should attack with the mentality of getting to the rim and scoring.
  • Post player is expected to move to the opposite side of the penetration and either "get big" and clean-up a missed lay-up... or "help uphill" and catch a lob pass.
  • If you're playing 3 v 2 or 3 v 3... then the backside wing must move to find open windows for a kick out.
Schultz Image

(You can play 2 v 2, or 3 v 3)

On top of teaching your players to quickly get North - South with the ball...

The beauty of this drill is...

  • It's great for any age group... because even young players can benefit from getting in the habit of not wasting time dribbling East - West.
  • Also makes your defense better... because there are FEW defenders. There is nowhere to hide. You have to defend the ball or you lose!
  • Works with any style of offense... because it helps instill habits that are universally applicable regardless of what type of offense you run.
  • It teaches post players to relocate opposite the penetration... so they get in the habit of maintaining space.
  • It trains the wing to find shooting windows... so they can be better equipped to get open for a kick-out off penetration (but remember, when playing 3 v 2 like in the video below... the kickout only counts for one point).

Let us know what you think... leave a comment below!


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Mark Brase says:
8/28/2023 at 4:11:20 PM

Yes- I think those are both good ideas. Maybe it is two feet in the paint that gets a point, otherwise the defense gets a point.

I agree, lots of variations to the scoring can be done that will help emphasize getting N and S - and the importance defensively of not allowing paint touches!


Nick says:
8/23/2023 at 8:18:07 AM

Hi guys,
Thanks for the great videos.
I used the Attack and Finish drill last night with the kids (9 - 11 years old), I absolutely love this drill. It really teaches them to aggressively get to the rim.


Dan Smith says:
8/22/2023 at 5:08:39 PM

Really liked this and the motion-dibble drive offense coach Shultz uses. A good drill that gets players out of the habit of wasting precious time moving laterally. Try to attack in a straight line as much as possible. I wonder if awarding 1 pt to the offense just for a paint touch would be good also...or giving 1 to the defense for denying penetration to the key?


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