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This drill emphasizes spacing, passing, and emphasizes on key motion offense behaviors. With minor adaptations, it also helps with handling pressure and other situations. 
Iteration 1:  Object: Make as many passes as possible within one minute, or until a violation of the rules is committed.  Divide a half-court into a 2x2 grid using cones. Size of the grid depends upon the passing distances you want to see. For 3rd graders, I use boxes about 12' in size.  Use four offensive players, one in each square.  Players move according to the following rules: 
  • When a ballhandler makes a pass, he must move out of his square and into another. 
  • When someone comes into your square, you must move into another square. 
  • Players are subject to the rules of basketball. 
  • Players have two seconds to move into their next square. 
Only passes from one square to another count (no hand-offs at this point). Iteration 2:  Add 3 defenders (ideally, defenders will have been exposed to basics of man-to-man help defense).  Offensive players should be encouraged to use screens.
Frame 1
Iteration 3: Use 6 grids instead of 4.  Divide the half court into 6 equal grids.   No two players are allowed in the same grid (unless you're screening).  
Frame 2
Points of Emphasis Spacing and accurate passing is a key emphasis for this drill.  However, a variety of other points can be emphasized depending on your level and type of motion offense.  To name a few you can emphasize:
  • catching in triple threat
  • meeting your pass
  • quick decision making (zero seconds)
  • recognizing away screen opportunities and proper fundamentals
  • cutting fundamentals and opportunities
  • ball screens
  • combining actions
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Guinness Rider says:
4/1/2016 at 10:07:49 AM

Yeah McCormick is one of the best. His books are very enlightening. Even his twitter feed is great and he also runs a blog.

Mike MacKay also has Games-based approaches to learning videos (2 of them) on the Manitoba Basketball youtube site. There is another by Kirby Schepp. All for free.

These are amazing teaching tools. Thanks to Breakthrough for getting them to a wider audience!


Jerry Alvarez says:
3/25/2016 at 6:01:04 AM

The coach is Brian McCormick. This excerpt is from a talk he gave in Winnnipeg, Canada:


Another interesting talk by him is:


He's got books published with his basketball philosophy.

My heartfelt congratulations to Coach Haeffner for his impressive work and generosity.


Corey Trodd says:
3/24/2016 at 12:31:12 PM

IS there a longer video with this drill or a more in-depth explanation. I love the concept but want to know who to contact to clarfiy my questions.


  1 reply  

Jeff says:
3/24/2016 at 3:17:20 PM

I don't know of a video with a more in depth explanation. if you have questions you can ask them in the comments here.


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