Newsletter 105 – Free Perimeter Shooting Workout and June Basketball Camps

By Joe Haefner

Free Perimeter Shooting Workout – With Videos and Drills

This shooting workout is a great way to improve your shooting, develop rhythm, build confidence, and get up a high amount of reps in a short amount of time. This workout will last approximately 50 to 70 minutes and you will get 350 to 450 shots…READ MORE »


Register For Summer Camps – June Camps Starting Soon!

Improve your basketball skills at our summer basketball camps. We have camps that from 2nd graders to advanced high school and college players. READ MORE »


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Newsletter 96 – New 3 on 3 Drill That Improves Passing, Decision Making, and Defense – Core Values – Basketball Camps

By Joe Haefner

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New Drill That Improves Passing, Decision Making, and Defense
This is a drill from Larry Shyatt, the head Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Wyoming. Shyatt’s teams have always been elite on the defensive end of the floor. This drill not only teaches your players how to pass out of a trap and develop toughness with the ball — but…

Core Values for Our 2013/14 Basketball Season – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
Each year I try to refine our core values, which I believe are the foundation of our success and the most important aspect of my coaching. This year I was inspired to adjust them to be one or two words…


Newsletter 95 – New Arc Finishing Drill and More Drills To Help With Finishing and Scoring

By Joe Haefner

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New Video – The Arc Finishing Drill
Lay-up lines are a very common warm up drill for basketball teams. But rarely does a player encounter a situation in games where they have an opportunity to dribble at a perfect angle and pace toward the basket for a lay-up. The following drill is a better way to simulate…


Newsletter 94 – New Multi-Option Sideline Out of Bounds Play, New Sideline Out of Bounds Play, Skill Development Workout Tips, Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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New Multi-Option Sideline Out of Bounds Play
The following sideline out of bounds play is a great option to use as a quick hitter. In just a few quick steps you can go from in bounding the ball on the sideline to scoring on the low block or with a short jump shot…

New Favorite Passing Drill for Our Youth Team – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
Here’s a passing drill we have been using with my daughter’s youth team. I also plan to use it with my high school team as a passing and conditioning drill. It’s called…

How To Teach During A Skill Development Workout
There is more to being a skill development coach than just putting together some drills and giving players a workout. You hear and read all the time about what a coach must bring to every…

Newsletter 93 – New Speed Ladder Dribbling Series, Developing A Hardworking Team, Sports Psychology, Basketball Camps, and More

By Joe Haefner

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New Video – Speed Ladder Dribbling Series
The following ladder dribbling drills are great for warming up and they are a fun way to develop your feel for the basketball. These drills force the player to control their dribble as they go through the ladder…

3 Simple Principles For Sports Psychology and Children
Preparing a child mentally for sports is just as important as the focus on developing their skills. Applying a few simple principles during your time as a coach or mentor will help make their enjoyment of the game of basketball a success now and in the future…

Day 2 – Developing a “Hard Working” Team – From Jeff Haefner’s Coaching Blog
After our first practice, it’s clear that players don’t understand what “hard working” means. I think many of them are trying. But they don’t know what it takes yet. So here’s what I did on our second day of practice and a possible idea on how you can develop “hard working” players…

New Breakthrough Basketball Camps For Boys and Girls

By Joe Haefner

Due to an overwhelming positive response to a couple of summer basketball camps that we hosted from parents, coaches, and players, we decided to expand and offer more basketball camps.

Players will have the rare opportunity to work with professional player development coach Don Kelbick who trains players ranging from the NBA and all the way down to the youth level.

Here is our new basketball camps page: