Jump Rope Training Video – Prevent Injuries & Improve Athleticism In Just 3 Minutes

Here is a great 3-minute, jump rope workout. This is a great jumping workout for beginners and a great warm up for more advanced athletes.

Jump Rope Workout

  1. Jump forward & backwards
  2. Jump laterally both directions.
  3. Rotational (transverse) jumps w/ toes pointing in on landing.
  4. Hops (forward and backward).
  5. Lateral hops both directions.
  6. Rotational (transverse) hops.

Go about 5 to 15 yards in each direction based on the level of the athlete.

Key Points:

  • Toes up in dorsiflexion
  • Spend little time on the ground.
  • Soft landing.
  • Use wrists and forearms to turn rope.
  • Keep shoulders relaxed.

Benefits to Jump Rope Training:

  • Strengthen & warm up foot and ankle.
  • Improves jumping and landing mechanics.
  • Promotes good posture.
  • Prevents injury.
  • Improves coordination.
  • Improve rhythm. Can’t have a great crossover without great rhythm.

Not to mention, the athletes seem to enjoy it when challenged and progressed properly.

7 thoughts on “Jump Rope Training Video – Prevent Injuries & Improve Athleticism In Just 3 Minutes”

  1. This really is exciting. Can’t wit to use these jump rope drills with my girls. No only will it provent injury, and speeding up movements. I think this could help with thier jumping hight in rebounding. I’m adding this to my work outs as a dailey warm-up, after dynamics and stretching.

  2. Hi,

    I am really sorry to say but this is complete BS when compared to buddy lee’s jump rope program. That one actually helps.

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