Lateral Quickness & Agility Exercises, a Great Workout for Basketball Players

    Basketball players are always asking...

  • What exercises should I do to get quicker feet?
  • How can I get an explosive first step?
  • Or, what exercises will help me improve my lateral quickness in the off season?

If you are asking those questions then you have come to the right place!

Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach Cody Roberts put together a Lateral Quickness and Agility Workout just for basketball players to incorporate into their routine to improve lateral explosiveness and quickness!

This workout is ideal for pre-season or post-season workouts, but it can also be used during the basketball season as a supplementary session or even a warm-up before a short practice session, IF you aren't practicing daily.

Like most exercises, proper technique is CRUCIAL. Cody Roberts walks through each exercise to ensure you do it properly, to avoid injury.

If you are ready to get started then lace up those shoes, grab a water bottle and let's get started!

Lateral Quickness & Agility Training

It is always important to begin with a proper and complete warm-up before performing plyometrics.

Warm-Up : Start with a 5-10 minute warm-up. Exercises should encourage a range of moments, working in all directions.

  • Jog
  • Back Pedal
  • Skip
  • Gallop
  • Lunge

1. Push to Base

The push to base is a great exercise to showcase the ability to generate the power and coordinate the body to create a movement to cover the most area possible.

REPS: 5 Sets of 3

2. Lateral Shuffle

The lateral shuffle focuses on covering ground quickly and powerfully with that first step. Then when you build from the 1-step mechanics to the 2-step mechanics, you should have a better feel and more control to help you cover more ground with lateral quickness.

REPS: 3 Sets of 4, Each Direction

3. Crossover Acceleration

This crossover acceleration 1-step mechanic focuses on balance and control to help you get that first step while playing defense. Then when the exercise builds from the 1-step mechanic into the 2-step mechanics you can use that balance and control to help you get that first step and then cover ground quickly.

REPS: 3 Set of 4, Each Direction

4. Low Box Shuffle

The low box shuffle focuses on staying low and staying wide while controlling the acceleration and deceleration.

REPS: 4 Sets of 4

5. 1-2 Crossover & Stick

This 1-2 Crossover exercise helps put all the lateral quickness exercises together.

REPS: 4 Sets of 6, Each Direction

Improve Your Basketball Game With The Right Exercises

The right combination and gradual progression of exercises can significantly improve your basketball game. It comes down to knowing what to do and when. In the 12 Week Athletic Development Program for Basketball Players, you are given a step-by-step plan on how to do this. Starting with coordination and movement efficiency, you learn the basics before moving onto more complex movements involving force production and strength, and speed and explosiveness.


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