Lane Agility Drill

This drill is used in NBA draft combines and is a great test of speed and ability to change direction. You can time your players and track their improvement throughout the season or off-season training program. 
Start with one foot behind left elbow. Timing beings when the player starts his/her motion. Run forward to the baseline.
Frame 1
At the cone, side shuffle to the right across the baseline.
Frame 2
At the next cone backpedal up the lane to the free throw line.
Frame 3
When you get to the cone at the right elbow, side shuffle left towards the starting point. Here you must touch the floor at the starting cone and then change direction shuffle right to the opposite elbow. 
Frame 4
Sprint forward to the baseline.
Frame 5
Side shuffle left, making sure to pass the cone.
Frame 6
Finally, back pedal to the orignial start line to complete the drill.
Frame 7


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