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As a coach, I believe it is important to teach our players proper jumping form. Not only can this help them jump higher and perform better on the basketball court, it prevents injuries. It's also very important to teach your players how to jump, because of the lack of phsyical education today. Many kids do not learn proper running or jumping form anymore.

Here's some tips for great jumping form:

  • Feet should be about shoulder-width apart or slightly wider.

  • Players want to be on the balls (front) of his feet.

  • Players want a nice fluid bending of the knees. When jumping, it's important to keep an erect torso.

  • When players bend forward too far prior to jumping, this will cause the player use lower-back muscles which have slow-twitch muscle fibers. As a result, the player will not be as explosive in their jump. This can also cause immediate or long-term lower back problems.

  • When staying upright, it forces players to use their abdominal muscles which are much stronger and more explosive than the lower-back muscles.

  • When jumping, it's important to explode your hips upwards.

  • The arms are also very important with jumping. When bending the knees into the jump, the player should have their hands near their pockets. When jumping, they should swing the arms upward to propel the jump even higher.

  • It's important to also have a soft landing. Players should not allow their ankles to collapse or their knees to bend more than 15 degrees.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for players to avoid jumping workouts on cement or any other hard surfaces. It is best to do this indoors on a wood floor or another surface that has some give to it.

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alane says:
10/5/2018 at 7:09:12 PM

So, I'm 5 foot and would like to try out for the high school volleyball team. Can you give me some tips on spiking?


Pennie Andersen says:
10/5/2018 at 7:05:50 PM

Amazing tips!!!
I am 5' 1" and am trying out for my junior high school's basketball team.
what drills can i do to work up to dunking.
Also, my basketball hoop is being fixed right now so what drills can i do to work on shooting if i don't have a hoop?


Brandon says:
1/4/2016 at 12:26:25 PM

I would love to see some more team conditioning drills on here. I hate making the kids run, just for the sake of conditioning. Do you have more ball handling/skill work drills that include getting the heart rate up?


aris says:
8/29/2015 at 5:52:56 AM

If I ahve heard your last tip about hard surfaces...I wouldn't have jumper's knee.Very useful article for every player.


Jay says:
10/5/2014 at 5:48:48 AM



Joe Haefner says:
7/28/2014 at 4:17:12 PM

Thanks, Calin. We will look to add more.


calin says:
7/28/2014 at 2:13:38 PM

Hy. I''''d love to see some more threads in the conditioning section. It would help a lot. Thanks


Ken Sartini says:
2/14/2014 at 10:01:39 AM

Harsh -

I don't know how old you are but..................

I wouldn't worry about dunking right now... If I were you I would be working on ball handling skills, passing and shooting.

Be patient, your time will come. AND, if its to be (dunking) it will happen.


harsh says:
2/14/2014 at 6:54:08 AM

hi i'm harsh i'm 4'9 can i dunk?


Tyka says:
6/18/2013 at 1:43:40 PM

I am trying to compete with a girl on my team that is Quite a few inches taller than me for a starting A team position for post. I need to learn to jump higher than her so I can play the position because I have got the rebounding and defense down way better than her. I need to jump and shoot better, any good drills I could try.


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