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Looking to get in shape quick? Check out this 20-minute workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

You do not need to run, use a bike, get in a gym or require any equipment whatsoever.

All you need to do is follow our training regimen, and you will be SURPRISED at how fast you can improve your conditioning and get into basketball shape without having to step out of your home.

Warm Up

Before you start with conditioning exercises, you need to complete a few warm up exercises to prepare your body for the strenuous part of the work out, loosen your joints and increase blood flow to your muscles.

Warm up exercises will also limit the risk of injuries.

Exercise #1 - Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds

Jumping jacks are an excellent way to boost your cardio. The exercise will increase blood circulation all over your body, control and maintain blood pressure and get you going.

You can perform this exercise as you wish e.g. it can be overhead, in front of the chest or across the body.

Exercise #2 - Squats for 30 seconds

Next up, you need to mobilize your hips, and there’s no better way of doing it than through squats.

You can perform different variations of the exercise to maximize the benefits. For example, you may just squat and hold or do reps.

Exercise #3 - Sit Ups for 30 seconds

Sit ups are a valuable exercise to build core strength, and improve muscle mass, balance, stability and flexibility. There are no rules to perform this exercise, as long as you are moving actively for 30 seconds.

You can perform a traditional sit up, or get a hamstring stretch and reach through the toes.

Exercise #4 - C Skip in Place for 30 seconds

C Skip exercises help in establishing better body balance, and rhythm. To perform this exercise, drive your knee up lifting you off the ground, and then move it towards the outside.

Exercise #5 - Figure 4 Crab Bridge (5-10 reps)

The Figure 4 Crab Bridge pose stretches and strengthens the glutes, back, and opens the chest and hip flexor.

To perform this exercise, lie on your back with knees bent towards the ceiling and feet apart. Move heels close to hips. Cross ankle over opposite knee, creating a figure-4 shape with the legs. Press into grounded foot and lift hips towards the ceiling. Perform 5-10 reps.

Exercise #6 - Half side Plank with Leg Abduction (5-10 reps)

The side plank hip abduction is a great exercise that you can do to target the outer thigh.

To perform this exercise, tailor back a little, prop up on your left elbow with your left leg bent and right leg straight, and go through leg abduction with your head forward.

Conditioning Exercises - Round 1

Exercise #1 - High Knees for 30 seconds

High Knees engage your core, strengthen your legs, and improve heart rate, momentum, and flexibility.

Exercise #2 - Push Ups for 30 seconds

Traditional pushups are vital for building upper body strength. They are also one of the most common exercises around the world. They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders.

Exercise #3 - In Place Jumps for 30 seconds (each leg)

In Place Jumps are a good way to build endurance, and improve balance.

To perform this exercise, simply jump on one foot and rotate clockwise and counter clockwise. Stay stiff through the ankle and interact with the ground.

Exercise #4 - Squat Jumps for 20 seconds

Squat Jumps are tough but equally fruitful. They build strength, improve cardio and balance and boost sports performance. The keys to this exercise are good posture and foot pressure. Make sure that the hip is stable.

After completing all 4 exercises, rest for 30 seconds and repeat ROUND 1 four times, for approximately 9 minutes.

Conditioning Exercises - Round 2

Exercise #1 - C-Skip In Place for 20 seconds (each leg)

Perform this exercise for 40 seconds (20 seconds each leg) to improve body balance and rhythm.

Exercise #2 - Bicycles for 30 seconds

To perform this exercise, make sure your back stays in contact with the ground. Bring your knees in towards your chest and lift your shoulder blades off the ground.

Then, straighten your right leg out, your upper body to the left, and bring your right elbow towards the left knee. Switch sides and repeat.

Exercise #3 - Alternating Lunges for 30 seconds

Alternative lunges are vital for core stability as the workout engages your legs, glutes, core and abdominal muscles.

To perform this exercise, stand tall. Then, step forward with your left leg and slowly lower your body until your front knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Repeat with the right leg.

Exercise #4 Line Jumps for 30 seconds

Line Jumps improve footwork, agility, quickness, speed, coordination and reaction time.

To perform this exercise, start in an athletic position on one side of a tapeline. Perform quick hops on balls of feet moving forward and backward over line.

After completing all 4 exercises, rest for 30 seconds and repeat ROUND 2 four times, for approximately 9 minutes.

How Often Should You Do This Conditioning Workout?

Do this workout 1 to 3 days a week (NO more than that). Ideally you incorporate other strength, speed and athletic training to complement this conditioning/endurance workout.

You can also make adjustments to the work/rest times as needed. Beginners might start with only 3 cycles instead of 4 and work for 20 seconds instead of 30. Advanced athletes might stick with 30 seconds of rest but increase the work duration to 45 seconds instead of 30. Ideally you make adjustments as you read your body and get in better shape...

To help improve your cardio (heart and lung capacity) you want to make sure your heart rate gets up and you're breathing heavy (like in a game). So adjust as needed to challenge yourself without overdoing it. Listen to your body!

There you have it! A full-body workout for improving your basketball fitness from the comforts of your homes.

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