Who Beat Coach K to 1,000 Wins & How This Can Help You Win More Games & Reduce Parent Problems

By Joe Haefner

Who Beat Coach K to 1,000 Wins & How This System Can Help You Win More Games and Reduce Parent Problems

Coach K got his 1,000th win! An amazing feat and he will certainly go down as one of the best coaches ever. While Coach K is certainly a great coach and there are many things to emulate about the way he conducts himself and interacts with players, it could be a bad idea to

Danny Miles Does It Again! Wins 3rd National Championship

By Joe Haefner

On Tuesday, March 13th, Oregon Tech defeated top-ranked Northwood University 63-46 to win the NAIA Division 2 national championship. Danny Miles who invented the Value Point System now holds the NAIA Division 2 record for most national championships.  They also set a national championship game record for fewest points allowed.

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Danny Miles Helps Pick Team USA

By Joe Haefner

Danny Miles who is featured in the Value Point System and 6 Daily Drills DVD recently helped Florida’s Billy Donovan, Washington’s Lorenzo Romar and North Carolina’s Roy Williams pick out Team USA for the 19u squad.

Miles served as one of the three court coaches at the recent tryout camp at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.

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NEW DVD & Book: Danny Miles’ Value Point System & Daily Drills (Limited Special Discount)

By Joe Haefner

Check out this new DVD and Book about the Value Point System that Danny Miles credits as the key ingredient to his 880+ wins at the collegiate level.

The Value Point System is great for:
- Measuring player performance
- Motivating players
- Handling problems with parents
- Scouting
- Spotting weaknesses
- and much more.

Danny also covers 6 of his favorite drills.

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