Newsletter 74 – 3 Simple Plays for A Quick 3 Point Shot, How To Develop Player That Can Finish At the Basket, Controlling Tempo, and More

By Joe Haefner

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How To Develop Players That Can Finish At The Basket
As a coach, I want multi-threat scorers on the floor. This makes a tremendous difference in our offensive attack and our efficiency. Just imagine if you have 2, 3, or maybe even 4 players on the floor that can shoot outside, drive to the basket, and finish in the lane…

3 Simple Plays For A Quick 3-Point Shot
Looking for some simple plays to get a quick 3? Try one of these. These have been very effective for me throughout my career…

Simple Practice Tips To Control Tempo, Decrease Turnovers, and Get Quality Shots
Years ago, I was watching a DePaul game. During a time out, Ray Meyer was telling his team that all they had to do was take care of the ball, run some clock, and get a good shot each time down the floor…

Advanced Post Play Camp With NBA Trainer Don Kelbick
This 2-day camp is for all players that play inside (in the post area). Players get an opportunity to work with an expert when it comes to developing post players. Don Kelbick has provided individual training for more than 14 different NBA players, 50 European and professional players, and hundreds of college basketball players. He’s an expert when it comes to post player development…

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