Internationally Acclaimed Basketball Documentary – I Am Marvin Clark

By Joe Haefner

Coach Mac recently posted a great article The 35 Best Basketball Documentaries Ever on his coaching blog.

This motivated us to post about an inspiring, must-watch documentary that is close to Breakthrough Basketball and is still relatively unknown to the public.

The National Award-Winning and Internationally Acclaimed Basketball Documentary – I Am Marvin Clark shows what an organization (Mokan Elite), with the right approach to helping kids, can do for an individual like Marvin Clark.

Marvin survived extremely difficult circumstances and defeated the tremendous odds against him to excel on the court as a basketball player.  He also earned a basketball scholarship to Michigan State University.

Marvin is not only a great basketball player.  Those close to Marvin will also rave about his character.

You will also see Breakthrough’s very own Jim Huber and Troy Slavin involved in the documentary. You’ll see Jim coaching Marvin throughout the video.  You’ll hear the superb job Troy did with the narration.

Jim is the Director of Coach Development and a Camp Director for Breakthrough’s Youth Basketball Camps and Elite Guard Basketball Camps.

Troy Slavin is a Camp Director for our Kansas City Basketball Camps and is Creative Director for many aspects of Breakthrough Basketball.

It’s nice to see good things happen for good kids who deserve a shot at life.

Check out the great video!

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