Drillz and Skillz/Breakthrough Basketball Skillz Clinic in Ironwood, Mich

By Don Kelbick


Luther Wright H. S. and coach Tom Mott in Ironwood, Michigan hosted a Don Kelbick Drillz and Skillz/Breakthrough Basketball skills clinic on July 22-24.

Over 65 players and coaches attended the intense 3 day workout. Footwork, position play, shooting, fast break were all topics that were covered.

A unique challenge presented itself when the hosting facility provided 2 gyms on different floors. The challenge was not in running the clinic or getting the players from place to place, it was whether I still had the stamina to run up and down 30 stairs at least 2 dozen times each day. I am happy to report I still do.

Ironwood is located at the entrance to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, about 15 miles from Lake Superior. Participants came from as far away as Washington, DC and were treated to nonstop basketball for 3 days.

Participants’ ages ranged from 11-17 and consisted of both girls and boys. One of the unique aspects of the Drillz and Skillz clinics is that it can accommodate such a diversity in participants without sacrificing the ability to teach and learn the game.

For more information on Don Kelbick, visit www.DonKelbickBasketball.com

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