Being A Good Teammate Like NCAA Champion Marvin Williams

By Joe Haefner

I’m currently reading Hard Work by Roy Williams which is a very good read by the way.

When Roy Williams of North Carolina recruits players, he looks for talent and character. They can have talent, but no character and vice-versa.

When Roy Williams was recruiting Marvin Williams, he recognized how talented he was. So next, he wanted to see what his character was like.

During a high school game that Roy Williams attended, Marvin fouled out. Instead of throwing a fit, sulking, or being angry, he got all of his teammates water during the next timeout. Roy said that is when he was sold on Marvin Williams. The following year Marvin helped North Carolina and Roy Williams win the NCAA championship.

Now, Marvin plays in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks.

That’s what great leaders and teammates do. They do the little things that help their teammates even if they’re on the bench.