Attack And Counter Basketball Camps In Chicago and Ironwood Are Great Success!

By Joe Haefner

In July and August, Don Kelbick visited Ironwood, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois to conduct his Attack and Coutner Skill Development camps. The players worked hard, the coaches worked hard, and everybody got a lot better. And the feedback has been great!

Jeff and I were fortunate enough to attend the Chicago camp and were very happy with everything. The facility was great. Don did a great job hosting the camp. And it was great to be able to meet so many people with familiar names via the website.

Due to the favorable response, we have decided to step things up and host more camps. Be on the look out for some of our upcoming camps in future newsletters that we are currently scheduling.

Here are a few of the testimonials we’ve received so far:

Once again, the camp you held in Ironwood was excellent! I am glad there are mentors like you out there to teach kids this game and try to break the bad habits they have acquired. Thank you for that. My son Griffin really enjoyed it and It was fun just watching the kids have a good time.
- Chris Pepin

The Breakthrough Basketball camp was one of the best sports experiences my son has had. The encouraging atmosphere set by Don in the beginning of the camp and the camaraderie among the athletes was great! The skills that the students learned are both practical and easy to recreate at home for further practice. Don is great with the kids; they immediately like and respect him! I would highly recommend this camp to any basketball player as way to improve and to learn some life lessons through sports. Our Athletic Director is interested in bringing Don to our school for some further instruction.
Thanks and blessings, Kristi Ugland

This was the most informative camp that I have ever seen! Don enjoyed teaching these kids and it showed. I learned just as much as the kids did and came away with a whole new practice routine. I wish my entire team could do the camp and my associate and I are going to try to schedule a camp in Marquette county Michigan at some point if at all possible. Don made everything seem so easy and taught the kids not to be afraid to fail. I don’t want to be long winded so I will wind this up. Excellent camp and I would send my son to this again and again if they were in the right areas. Please inform me about any more upcoming camps.
- Cory Hill

I loved everything about the camp.
- Dominica Grmick

Though I was only able to see the Saturday workout, I was impressed how Coach Kelbick kept the campers engaged with demonstration and explanations to why we practice these skills. I think so many times we as coaches have our players perform drills that are meant to improve skill, but if the player doesn’t understand the purpose they just go through the motions and don’t get a lot out of it (Kinda like Algebra…just kidding). Each player saw and understood why these drills were going to make them better and every camper showed tremendous effort to succeed.
- Jason Wild

Just wanted to thank you guys again for the great camp in Libertyville over the weekend with Mr. Kelbick. My son’s footwork became much more fluid by the end of camp that we are excited to see the benefits during the upcoming season. Excellent job with the website as well and continued success!
-Beto Elizondo

Camp was great Don did a great job with the kids. We had four kids there and the one on one drills that they picked up is priceless for a coach. We drill all the time but to here it from a guy like Don that works around the world teaching is awesome.
- Craig Hoffman

Just wanted to thank you guys for bringing in Coach Kelbick, and giving my son and myself an opportunity to become a better player and coach. The attention to foot work at the clinic has provided my son David the foundation to becoming a better all round player. The lessons learned were invaluable, A small price to pay to learn probably the most important thing in the game. Thanks again for setting this up, and thanks to Coah Kelbick for being so Passionate about the most important aspect of the game.
- Patrick Allen