This Virginia Offense Stat SHOCKED me!

By Joe Haefner

This Virginia Offense Stat SHOCKED me!

Everybody knows that defense has been a staple of Virginia’s rise under Tony Bennett and their 2019 National Championship victory in men’s college basketball.

However, this year their offense was just as good if not better than their defense…

4 Strategies For Defending A Dominant Post Player

By Joe Haefner

4 Strategies For Defending A Dominant Post Player

In the Man To Man Defense Video, Coach Jim Huber talks about four defensive adjustments…

The Defensive Drop Step Is Dead – Do This Instead

By Joe Haefner

The Defensive Drop Step Is Dead – Do This Instead

We believe that this alternative will make you a better on-ball defender. You will be able to change directions more quickly and keep the offensive player in…

Defensive Guru Jim Huber Leads Elite League in Defensive Points Per Game

By Joe Haefner

Coach Jim Huber pulled off quite the defensive feat this summer. In Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL), Coach Huber led the 17u Mokan Elite team to #1 defensive points per game ranking in the 40 team league.

Nike selects their top 40 teams from North America to participate in the league. They play 18 regular season games throughout four different weekends in the months of April and May. In July, they play the championship tourney where only the top 24 teams are selected.

LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and many others are pros that have participated with Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball.

Coach Huber is also featured in The Ultimate Resource for Man to Man Defense which includes 4 DVDs, eBooks, and step by step progressions.

Last Chance On Discount – New Man To Man Defense DVD With Jim Huber

By Joe Haefner

We wanted to give you a quick reminder that this is your last chance on the 25% introductory discount for Jim Huber’s Man To Man Defense. The discount ends on Sunday, May 19th.

This DVD set doesn’t just show you how to run the man to man defense, it shows you how to build the defense from the ground up.

We hope this helps and please let us know if you need anything else!

NEW DVD: Man to Man Defense with Jim Huber

By Joe Haefner

We’re excited to announce that we have released our new 4-DVD set with 2 bonus eBooks on building The Man to Man Defense with Jim Huber.

This doesn’t just show you how to run the man to man defense. It shows you how to build the defense from the ground up.

We’re also having a special 25% introductory discount that ends this week on Sunday, May 19th.

How This Product Is Unique

We strongly believe that this man to man defense DVD is unique to any product out there. Here’s why..

  • Learn Exactly How To Teach The Defense To Your Team – Have you ever watched a DVD and thought, “Wow. That’s pretty cool. Everything sounds good. But now what? How do I teach it?” And sometimes you just get paralysis analysis and don’t implement anything. I know that I have!Well, this product will fix that problem for you. This will tell you exactly HOW to teach and develop a great defense.
  • Step by Step Process – We show you exactly how to build the defense up. No guesswork!
  • All Access Meets Structure – We show you exactly how to build the defense as if you were in a practice setting. That way, you can see the little details that Coach Huber uses: how to discipline, how to correct, and how to progress.At the same time, Coach Jim Huber takes the time to explain why he is teaching everything that he is teaching. And the organization is well-thought out so it is easy for you to follow and navigate.
  • More Bonus Resources To Make Your Life Easier – eBooks with checklists and tips! – We also developed bonus eBooks that contains checklists for each stage and step-by-step instructions so you can easily implement this into practice.
  • Highly Adaptable – Jim teaches you how to adapt this defense if you’re more athletic or if you’re a slow-footed team. You can easily adjust game to game and even within a game.

If you are serious about developing better players, winning more games, and having a great defense, we think this will be a game changer for you.

It doesn’t matter if you coach 3rd graders or college athletes.


The Defensive Shell Drill Sucks – New Video and Article

By Joe Haefner

Take a look at our new article and video The Defensive Shell Drill Sucks.

Learn some new perspectives on the shell drill.  No matter what side of the fence you are in regards to the shell drill, they actually may surprise you.

5 Keys To Better Close Outs – New 3 Minute Video – Defensive Close Out Fundamentals

By Joe Haefner

Take a look at our NEW article and video Defensive Close Out Fundamentals — 5 Keys to Better Close Outs

Great close outs are VITAL to your defense. Against good offensive teams, you could have at least 5 close outs per possession. 50 possessions in a game and you have at least 250 close outs.

30 games in a year and there is at least 7,500 close outs!

Basketball Weak Side Defense and Help Positioning is Important!

By Jeff Haefner

We posted a NEW article about basketball defensive positioning and weak side help.  Everybody knows that guarding the ball is important, but GREAT defense happens AWAY from the ball…

Weak side help positioning is critically important for your defense.  In this new article we review key elements to proper positioning and provide you with some simple rules that make teaching defense to players SO MUCH easier!

Check it out and let us know what you think…