More Than Basketball – Inspiring Video About A 10 Year Old Boy Named Gabe Puthoff

By Joe Haefner

This inspiring video about a 10 year old named Gabe Puthoff is so much more than basketball. As Jimmy V once said, every day you should laugh, think, and cry.

Well, this video took care of all three for me!

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Another few things that I love about this video:

1. His teammates about pulled out their hair after every shot that rimmed out. Make sure to watch the teammates when he shoots the free throws.
2. His teammates celebrated more than he did and fell over each other as they ran down the court.
3. Certainly, not the least, but the way he ran down the court like he’d done it a million times. (Thank you to Brian Williams for pointing that one out.)

And thank you ssams for posting this on our forum!