The Perfect Basketball System For A Football School

By Joe Haefner

The Perfect Basketball System For A Football School

Coaching at a football school can provide some challenges for basketball coaches. So how can you turn these potential issues to benefiting your basketball program? One… if you have basketball players that…

NEW Article: 3 Things You Can Learn From Football’s “WILDCAT” Offense

By Don Kelbick

Any of you who know me or have read my work, know I look at basketball differently than most. I am always looking at things in everyday life or in other sports and relating them to basketball to try and help me be a better teacher and coach.

I apologize to our readers who are unfamiliar with American football. Please try to understand the essence of these thoughts.

I hate to draw parallels from football. Football has become so technical that I think you can program “Rock-em-Sock-em” robots to play it. Jim Valvano, the late, great coach at Iona and North Carolina State, used to call football the “F” word and forbade anyone to say it in his presence. That’s quite a statement when you consider he was the athletic director as well

Be that as it may, I think we all can learn from the Miami Dolphins. Here in Miami, the Wildcat offense is a star. For anyone not familiar with the “Wildcat,” it is a formation and system of plays that has its roots back in offenses of the 1930′s and 1940′s.

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