Handling End of Game Basketball Situations – Should Cav’s Take Three?

By Don Kelbick

Sometimes you can learn by watching how end of game situations pan out in the NBA.  Here’s my opinion on what happened the other day…

Yesterday, with 14 seconds to go and the Cavs down 5, TV anouncers said, “of course they have to raise up for an early 3.”   Why? It is a 2 posession game and at some point they have to get a 2. Why not get it first?. The two most important things in that situation are: the ball has to go in the basket (it makes no difference where you shoot from if it doesn’t go in) and score as many points as you can with the clock stopped. Both of those situations (including getting fouled) scream “layup” to me. Score, get fouled, make the foul shot. Now you’re down 2 with 10 seconds to go – different game.

What do you think?