Basketball Transition Play - Triple (With Video)

This is a great transition play from Danny Miles that will often result into easy lay ups. This play doesn't allow the defense any time to get set and will also force the post defenders to guard on the perimeter which most post players are uncomfortable doing. If you do not get any scoring opportunities out of the play, you can transition seamlessly into your offense.

Triple can be run after a numbered fast break, or out of a motion offense. When used out of the fast break, the point guard is to push to get the ball down the court, as quickly as four seconds. When nothing develops from the break, the key is to get six or seven passes in the next eight seconds. The opponents bigs will have to play 94 feet of defense, then defend several quick passes, a stagger screen, and a high low. If run correctly and quickly, the defense will typically break down, leading to a quality shot. For eight seconds following the break, take a layup but not a jump shot while running Triple.

Here is a video clip of the play.

When the fast break does not produce a quality shot, 1 will have the ball at the three point line on the right side of the court, and pass to the trailing 5.

2 starts weak side near the three point line.

4 starts on the ball side block and then cuts to the elbow as 1 passes to 5.

3 starts the play looking for a possible three point shot and then drifts towards the block.

After 1 passes to 5, 1 then goes down to set a screen for 3.

5 immediately reverses the ball to the 2, who is beyond the three point line.

5 then goes to set a staggered screen on 3.

4 holds the position at the elbow and then takes a few steps towards the baseline, setting up his flash back to the same elbow once the ball has been reversed.

3 comes off the staggered screen set by the point and 5.

After setting a pick for 3, 1 flashes to the block in case 2 can hit him for a quick layup.

2 looks inside for possible layup from 1 flashing, looks also to see if 4 has freed himself moving toward the block, then takes one or two controlling dribbles if needed and reverses to 3 who has just come off a staggered screen.

5 sets a downpick on the point, who comes off the pick and curls.

2 passes to 3.

On the pass, 4 drops toward baseline looking for a possible pass from 2, but then cuts back to elbow on ball reversal, looking for a pass from 3.

3 passes to 1 and uses a pick from 2 to flare to the 3 point line.

4 flashes to the strong side elbow.

5 starts establishing position on the post, looking for a pass from the point, or if covered, getting ready for a high low.

The point hits 4, who has cut to the strong side elbow.

4 looks to dump the ball down to 5, who has sealed his man, knowing a high low pass is coming.

3 cuts to the basket looking for a pass from 5 if he is picked up or looking for rebound.

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