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This flex offense play gets you a variety of looks off the ball screen. It develops from the flex offense corner option.

This flex offense play works especially well if you have a guard that is a good decision maker and play maker. You can get a bucket off of the pick and roll, a pass off of a double screen for your shooter, or a dump down pass to one of the screeners.

Take a look at the flex play in the diagrams below...


  1. Player 1 passes to Player 2 in the corner.
  2. Player 1 runs the basic flex off of the corner pass option by screening away.
  1. Players recognize that their playmaker (3) received the ball from the corner.
  2. Players 1 and 4 move into position to set a double screen.
  1. Player 5 comes up to set a ball screen.
  2. Players 1 and 4 set a double screen for Player 2.
  3. Player 2 cuts off the double screen.
  4. Player 3 uses the ball screen.
  1. Player 3 can drive to the basket, pass to Player 2 for the shot, hit Player 4 slipping the screen, or hit Player 5 who will either be rolling to the basket or popping for the shot.
  2. If Player 5 rolls to the block, Player 3 can dribble back and pass to Player 5 on the block for a post up opportunity.


  • If there are no scoring opportunities, Player 3 can pass to Player 2.
  • Players are now in their flex spots and the offense can continue.
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