Flex Cut Shooting Drill

This flex drill isolates and simulates the "screen the screener" action, which occurs after the flex screen. The drill improves players' footwork and ability to knock down shots coming off the screen. This is how you can work on this skill with a large group of players at a basket.

No matter what offense you run, it's very important that you break down your offense into drills like this in order to get game-like shots.

Take a look at the flex drill in the video and diagrams below...

Players line up near the baseline. Each player has a ball. Place a chair or a cone on the lane line to represent the screen.

Coach is on the wing.

The first player in line passes the ball to the coach. The player then cuts off the screen to the top.

The coach passes the ball and the player shoots.

The player then gets their own rebound and goes to the end of the line.

The next player quickly passes to the coach and the process repeats.

Points of Emphasis
  • Players are focusing on their catching and shooting skills off the screen.
  • Good footwork is important to get the shot off quickly and hit a high percentage.
  • Players should cut hard and move at game speed.

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James B says:
4/5/2015 at 5:22:18 PM

The teaching point that whenever you come off a screen 'set your player up' is my main issue. In many screen the screener situations this isn't required by the first screener who receives the second screen.

In the Flex situation, many coaches teach the Flex screener to simply turn directly off the down screen that's coming for them (although not all teach it this way).

Another situation could be an across the key up screen by a guard, who then receives a down screen from another big (as my team uses in one set). This guard simply sprints directly off the second screen.

The list of examples runs much longer...

Being careful of making sweeping comments like this one is important for lower level coaches. It doesn't impact many as they have the experience to know better. However I get the impression a large number of your followers are less experienced, so a very experienced coach like Don could be more cognisant of his teaching points.



vickie carrington says:
8/22/2012 at 10:39:47 PM

I totally agree with Nelson, having an example of the "front pivot" or any suggestions would be helpful. Great drill, though!


Nelson says:
8/21/2012 at 1:59:46 PM

I agree that footwork is critical. Don mentions that he would use a front pivot in the exercise. I understand what he is asking for but it would be greatly enhance the video if he could demonstrate the action. Those new to the game or coaching would be able to see exactly what he is trying to get across to the players. This is an exercise that all levels could use. When I run the team through these drills I always have the players pass the ball. I want them to understand the importance of passing and timing when getting the ball to the shooter.

Your website is fantastic. I especially enjoy the videos. Your staff and contributors are great resources.


Joe Haefner says:
8/21/2012 at 9:23:32 AM

Not to mention, Don has worked with these kids once or twice. It takes a lot more than that to develop great footwork.


Ken says:
8/21/2012 at 9:07:38 AM

Valery -

I have seen Don work camps and I have helped a little at his camps.... he teaches footwork exclusively at his summer camps.

If you look at the last part of this video, that kid is taking 5 shots and made 4. He V cuts and comes off the screen (chair) he picks up the ball off the other chair ( simulating a pass ) plants his inside foot and goes up for the shot - follow through is good from what I saw.

I have seen several coaches use chairs because the player can get more shots in quicker without receiving bad passes, which allows him to concentrate on his move/shot.

So, what did you see in particular that was bad?


Valery says:
8/21/2012 at 6:12:29 AM

Footwork is terrible. they do not concentrate on ether shooting techniques nor footwork. Average drill. For schools.


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