3 Flex Offense Entry Plays From the 1-4 High Set

These 3 flex plays will get you a number of different scoring opportunities attacking the basket via UCLA screens, rub screens, and ball screens. And if the defense collapses, you will get wide open jump shots due to the great spacing.

The 1-4 high is a very flexible entry that you can run a number of ways. You can run quick hitters from the 1-4 and/or use it to initiate your flex offense.

Take a look at three different flex plays from the 1-4 high set below...

Flex Play #1 - Pass To Wing

Here is a video clip of the pass to wing option from Don Kelbick's Hybrid Flex Offense.

The point guard can pass to any player. In this example, the point guard passes to the wing.

The player on the strong side elbow (player 5), sets a UCLA screen for 1.

2 looks for player 1 cutting the basket.

5 and 4 pop to a wing. 3 drops to the corner.

Players are now in their flex spots.

If 1 isn't open, 2 can pass to 5. 5 can make a guard to guard pass to 4 and the flex offense has been initiated. (Note: if 4 is covered, he/she can screen away, which is the pressure release for the basic flex offense.)

Flex Play #2 - Pass To Post

In this example, the point guard passes to a post player (on the elbow).

After the pass, 1 rubs off the weakside post and goes to the block.

4 looks for 1 cutting to the block.

3 and 2 drop to the corners and 5 pops out (into their flex spots).

Players are now in their spots and can go right into flex.

Flex Play #3 - Strong Side Ball Screen Option

Here's how you can run the strong side ball screen option from the 1-4 high entry.

1 passes to 2.

1 runs the UCLA cut.

5 sets a ball screen. 2 uses the ball screen and attacks.

3 cuts to the corner. 4 cuts to the wing.

2 can look to score or pass to 4.

5 cuts to the corner and players are now in their flex spots and can immediately start the base flex offense.

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Recommended DVDs:

The Hybrid Flex Offense with Don Kelbick
This DVD set includes the basic flex pattern, how to introduce hybrid options and motion counters, how to teach the flex, 8 alternate entries to disguise and initiate the flex offense, how to handle all defensive situations such as pressure and switching, 5 highly effective scoring options out of the flex offense, and flex drills to develop the offense. This DVD is 80 minutes long and neatly organized ... (more info)

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Michael says:
10/2/2014 at 11:12:23 PM

I think a fifth grade team can do this. in the right circumstance

A few years ago, I ran a version of it with a 6th grade boy's intramural team.

No cuts, everyone plays a quarter.

We practice 1 1/2 to 1 hour 45 minutes, 4 nights per week.

I ran a give and go at the top and continuous screening at the bottom to control who handled the ball, no down screens.

However, that was do to personnel of that year. The group I had last year could have ran this with no issues. We just had something else that fit them better.


Scott B21 says:
12/24/2012 at 2:19:18 AM

The flex is NOT a good offense for 5th grade girls. Their skill level, even with advanced players, is not good enough. Better off to focus
on fundamentals and simple motion offense, where they can incorporate their skills. Teach a few options and let them play.


VMI04 says:
11/28/2012 at 2:35:11 PM

Already purchased it - I am hoping it arrives today or tomorrow :)


Jeff Haefner says:
11/28/2012 at 10:07:35 AM

Personally, I am a free form motion offense coach and really like it for youth teams. However, if I were to run a pattern offense my choice would be the Flex offense and maybe a few of the flex options that Don Kelbick suggests. So yes I do think it would be appropriate for 5th grade girls if you are a coach that wants to run a pattern/continuity offense.

We haven't started a "multi-purpose drills dvd" yet but this competitive drills dvd has quite a few multi purpose drills that we run with both young and old players.

We do have it on our list to come out with more dvds containing multi-purpose drills that are non competitive. But it will be a bit before we can tackle that project. Thanks.


VMI04 says:
11/28/2012 at 9:28:44 AM

Jeff and Joe,

You guys really do a fantastic job of promoting your products without being overbearing. Now I'm thinking that the Flex might be a good offense to study up on.

Do you think it is an appropriate offense for a 5th grade girls "A" team to run?

Lastly, any progress on a multi-purpose drills DVD for coaches with compacted (one hour) practices?



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