Recommended Basketball Shooting Aids, Resources, and DVD Reviews

Below you will find our list of recommended shooting aids, DVDs, and devices.

Hand Marked Shooting Ball

Baden makes a basketball with the hand positions marked on the basketball. This helps when teaching young players where to place their hand on the basketball.

The ball comes in two sizes. You can choose the 27.5" or the 28.5" shooting basketball.

If you need help choosing the right size, check out our basketball size chart.

Shooting Strap

If you have problems with your guide hand moving or you thumb the ball with your non-shooting hand, I highly recommend the J-Strap.

The most common shooting problem we see is the guide hand moving and young players thumbing the ball. Those can be very difficult habits to break!

We have found the J-Strap makes it much easier to break those shooting habits because it keeps your guide hand still. We highly recommend the J-Strap for players that have trouble with their guide hand moving.

Shooting Glove

Some people swear by shooting gloves. Personally I do not use one when I train players. Maybe with time I'll come around and that will change.

However, if you feel like a shooting glove will help you, I recommend the J-Glove.

If I were to use a glove when training players, this is what I would use. It's a well-designed product and you can get a complimentary DVD to go along with it. The DVD provides demonstrations of the J-Glove and explains how to use it. I highly recommend buying the DVD and the J-Glove as a package.

Oversized Basketball

To help refine your shot, you can practice with an over-sized basketball. The larger basketball requires extra precision when shooting. Players find shooting with a regulation-size ball much easier after practicing with an over-sized ball.

NOTE: ONLY experienced players with great fundamentals should use oversized and heavy balls. Younger players still learning form should NOT use these devices. They, in fact, should use smaller basketballs.

Shooting Camps

Shooting camps can serve as a great opportunity for you to get some one on one time with shooting experts and coaches.

We offer a variety of basketball shooting camps to consider. View our camp schedule here.

Basketball Shooting DVD Reviews

We highly recommend all serious basketball players and coaches utilize shooting DVDs and training videos.

You just can't replace the value of a great video that shows you the exact mechanics and step-by-step progressions for building a great shot.

And we believe the most complete training out there is:

Breakthrough Shooting and Scoring System with Jim Huber

This program eliminates the guesswork of developing an elite shot and gives you a simple step-by-step plan you can follow to increase your consistency, range and shooting percentage.

Here's just some of what's included:

  • Step-by-step Mechanics Mastery training where you'll dial in your shooting form and fix any bad habits
  • 96 Weeks of Progressive Shooting Workouts for every skill level. Start improving immediately with workouts designed for wherever you are right now.
  • Track your progress, chart your performance and even build your own custom workouts inside our Workout App (web-based)
  • Learn pro-level shot creation techniques off the dribble - so you can create space and get good shots even with defenders draped all over you

These carefully designed workouts and drills can turn you into a consistent shooter with deep range and the confidence to let it fly.

All you need to do is find a hoop and follow the plan!

Learn more about the Breakthrough Shooting and Scoring System here.


Those are the shooting products that we recommend. If you have questions or comments about any of these products, let us know.


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Bemnet says:
10/22/2020 at 8:50:11 AM

I have been practicing my shot for 6 month. but I am not getting the results I want. My shot form dramatically changes but I dont know why. I have watched countless youtube videos but that is not helping. And I live in Ethiopia, which is in Africa, and I have never been trained professionally. I trained myself using only youtube and a basketball hoop. I really want to know
how I can improve my shot and have an unchanging shot form.


Cael says:
11/29/2018 at 2:02:52 PM

I keep shooting the ball correctly but I just can't buy a bucket, I need tips to put the ball in the hoop often.


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