Enhance Your Teamís Performance with These 14 Basketball Rebounding Drills

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14 Basketball Rebounding Drills

Below are 14 rebounding drills for basketball coaches to use during practice.

Rebounding is 20% skill and 80% determination and mental toughness. There has to be a "want to" for rebounding. Most teams chart rebounds as a hustle stat. These little things make a significant impact on overall team performance.

Teams that win the rebounding edge limit shot attempts on defense while extending plays on offense. They inspire through determination and heart. These teams convert low percentage shots into high percentage scores to remain competitive in all games.

Almost All Your Drills Are Rebounding Drills

Coaches often look for drills specifically designed to improve rebounding. And yes, there are good drills specifically designed to improve rebounding. But one of the best ways to improve rebounding is to emphasize it in all your drills.

Any time your players shoot... thereís an opportunity to practice boxing out on defense, follow up missed shots, work on offensive rebounding, and improve toughness.

During practice you could give extra points for rebounds, assign an assistant to watch every drill to make sure they box out and go after the boards, and you can track stats.

If rebounding is important to you, almost all your drills will be rebounding drills.

Youth / Beginners Rebounding Drills

Youth and beginner players can start with basic box out drills, jumping, and getting hands up.

One of the simplest things you can do, which works at all levels, is have a line at the elbow. Everyone has a ball. The first player in line walks up to the block, throws the ball underhand off the backboard, then jumps as high as they can to rebound the ball. This helps with jumping, timing to grab the ball at the peak of their jump, learning to get hands up, and chinning the ball.

Timing, Jumping and Getting Hands Up

1. 1 on 0 Rebound Outlet

2. Basketball Drill: McHale Lay Ups

3. Improve Your Post Player's Touch with These 5 Drills

4. Mikan Drill

5. Rebound Outlet and Lay Up

Box Out Drills

6. Two on Two Box Out

7. Rebounding Drill: Reverse Pivot Technique

8. Rebounding Drill - Fight For It

9. Reaction Rebounding

Competitive Rebounding Drills

10. Reaction Rebounding

11. Zone Defense Rebounding Drill - Rebound By Numbers

12. Improve Game Play With The 50-Point Scrimmage Drill

13. Two on Two Box Out

14. Last Man Standing - Rebound Challenge

15. Rebounding Drill - Fight For It

16. 1 on 1 Post Moves Drill

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