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This is a rebounding and outlet drill that will work on our rebounding technique, outlet passes and some finishing moves as well.
  • Two lines. Each line has two balls.
  • The first two players will throw passes off the backboard and go get the rebound.
Frame 1
  • Rebounders will pivot out and make a crisp outlet pass to the wing.
  • Wing fires a pass to the next person in line.
  • Pattern repeats until coach calls for next progression. 
  • Other progressions would be keeping the ball high and finishing the shot, then taking the ball out of bounds and making an inbound pass to the wing.
  • Next might be grabbing the rebound, pump fake, finish, inbound pass.
  • Throw it off glass, finish in the air, and inbound pass to wing.
Frame 2
Points of Emphasis:
  • Have players focus on finishing at the rim. Hold them accountable for finishing easy shots strong. We might track misses and do a few basketball push ups to hold folks accountable after the drill.
  • Make sure players on the wing are talking “outlet, outlet!” Call for the ball.


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