Improve Game Play With The
50-Point Scrimmage Drill

By - Joe Haefner
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I really like this drill provided by Ken Sartini.

When I assisted under Ed Fritz, he used variations of this drill quite a bit during the season. Coach Fritz has 500+ wins and made it to the 6A Kansas State Championship game the last three years and this year his squad is currently undefeated and ranked #1 in Kansas.

This is simple to teach and it's very competitive which almost all kids like. You simply have a full court scrimmage while tracking the points shown below. The first to 50 wins. Another option would be to use timed scrimmages.

This is a great way to scrimmage because it allows you to emphasize certain aspects of the game that you feel your team needs to improve on whether it's taking care of the basketball, crashing the offensive boards, boxing out, or taking high-quality shots.

For example, if your players are turnover prone, you might have -5 points for every turnover. If your players haven't been crashing the offensive boards very well, you might reward 5 points for every offensive rebound.

Below is just an example. You can tweak the scoring system however you would like.

The goal of this scrimmage example is to teach your players how to control the tempo, make good passes, read the defense, make good cuts, finish your shots and REBOUNDING..... along with playing good fundamental defense.


  • 1 point for every pass
  • 1 point for a lay up and short shots
  • 2 points for an offensive rebound
  • 2 points for a 3 pointer
  • -3 points for a turnover
  • 1 point for a deflection
  • 2 points for a steal
  • 2 points for a defensive rebound

D turns to offense and same rules apply as above

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BradC says:
2/7/2013 at 8:49:44 AM

that is a terrific variation to play make it take it. Another way to do this if you are playing A & B squads is to allow the B squad a certain number of completed passes before the A team can become aggressive on the ball. This gives the B team some success first without it immediately being a turnover.


insane lesane says:
2/7/2013 at 8:15:25 AM

I like the drill. Depending on what a coach emphasizes steals can be three pts, assists worth two ( not just for a pass) Lay ups, +3 for the O, but minus -2 for the D.
Also you can play make it take it. which means that the offense remains on offense until the D forces a miss, turnover or rebound. If the Offense scores, they simply keep the ball and attempt to score again. the D must earn the ball


Pete Puricelli says:
2/6/2013 at 8:12:33 PM

I have used a similar drill, and there are many other facets you can emphasize (screens, backdoor cuts, ball reversal, extra pass, etc.)


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