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Mikan Drill

Drill Purpose:

This is a great drill to work on shooting close to the basket. It's a great warm up drill to start every shooting workout with. Rebounding and quick feet also play a role in this drill.


  1. Stand to one side of the basket slightly inside of the block facing the baseline. Jump and power the ball up for a lay up. Make sure to use the backboard.

  2. Soon as you land, jump back up and rebound the ball out of the net. Try to rebound the ball as high as possible. When you grab the ball, keep it above your head.

    Your jump should transition you to the other side of the hoop. If you shoot on the right side, your jump should take you to the left side.


  1. Continue the process side to side working on your left and right hands.

  2. Continue this pattern back and forth for a set number of repetitions.

Points of Emphasis

  • Explode towards the basket on every jump.

  • Get the ball up and off the glass. Aim for the top corner of the square.

  • Reverse Mikan - Mikan back and forth with your back to the baseline instead of facing the baseline.

  • One Leg - Jump off one leg back and forth. You can do this with Mikan and Reverse Mikan.

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Emma Bug doodle says:
2/6/2009 at 5:19:11 PM

this is good but don't understand it ddduuudddeee


musa says:
5/2/2009 at 8:20:02 AM

i know the mikan drill my fellow player taught me but i never knew about reverse mikan,i found it very essential,thank you guys,am starting to practice it this evening


Phil says:
10/21/2009 at 5:56:21 PM

Probably the best drill for a "true" post player....when you mix in the reverse portion. I teach my kids going off one leg so they also work on their coordination. Master this and it will help with the post player's moves inside!


Mukesh modgil says:
11/3/2009 at 12:19:49 AM

Probably the best drill for a "true" post player....when you mix in the reverse portion. I teach my kids going off one leg so they also work on their coordination. Master this and it will help with the post player's moves inside!


coach rates says:
3/21/2012 at 3:58:20 PM

great drill for layups and footwork..:)


Justin says:
3/28/2013 at 1:47:25 PM

i love allthese drills im a post player at highschool level only 6'3' but i still do pretty good but i found something odd with myself my game switches up every year one year i'll be pure offense with great rebounding then the next year i'll be pure defense with lots of blocks and great rotations and rebounding but little offense i dont know how to fix this i try to expand my range with a mid range jumper but that made me focus less on post which is where i get the ball the most i dont know how to tie myself together

  1 person liked this.  

Ken Sartini says:
3/30/2013 at 9:09:19 AM

Justin -

I have read your post several times now trying to figure you out.

You have several months to work on this.... my
suggestion for you is to make a plan where you work on ALL aspects of the game.

- team defense (rotating)
-challenging shots / blocks (without fouls)

-post moves
-mid range jump shots
-free throws

IF you just work on one aspect of the game, thats what you will do in games. Go to some camps, your school must hold them in the summer.(and others if that fits into your budget)

Talk to your high school varsity coach and ask him for suggestions Good luck and let us know how this works for you.


deimagalez says:
12/27/2014 at 3:35:39 PM

its good


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