Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage with these Comprehensive Basketball Shooting Tips, Strategies, and Drills for Players and Coaches

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Shooting the basketball is the MOST important skill for you master. That's why we developed this comprehensive basketball shooting resource for both players and coaches.

Enjoy the shooting resources below and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Basketball Shooting Tips for Players

  1. How To Develop Into A Great Shooter - 6 Shooting Drills To Do At Every Workout
  2. 21 Easy Ways to Increase Your Basketball Shooting Percentage
  3. How to Develop Supreme Confidence (Required to Become a Great Shooter)
  4. Top 5 Biggest Basketball Shooting Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
  5. How to Develop a Super Quick Shooting Release (Like Stephen Curry)
  6. How to Increase Your Shooting Range

Basketball Shooting Tips for Coaches

  1. 10 Tips When You Are Coaching and Teaching Basketball Shooting
  2. A Simple Trick to Improve Your Team's Shooting Confidence
  3. Coaches Should Focus on Fundamentals
  4. A Simple Charting Trick to Improve Team Shooting

Basketball Shooting Fundamentals and Technique

  1. Learn Proper Basketball Shooting Fundamentals and Technique
  2. What is Perfect Basketball Shooting Form?

Basketball Shooting Drills

  1. Basketball Shooting Drills for Players
  2. Basketball Shooting Drills for Coaches
  3. Video: 12 Shooting Drills from NBA Skills Coach Don Kelbick

Basketball Shooting Workouts

  1. Free eBook: 7 Shooting Workouts Developed By NBA & College Level Coaches
  2. Basketball Shooting Workouts & Practice Tips

Youth Basketball Shooting Tips for Players and Coaches

  1. Why Shooting Fundamentals are So Important for Youth Coaches
  2. Youth Basketball Shooting: 3 Things Youth Coaches & Players Need to Adjust
  3. Should You Teach Youth Players To Shoot A Basketball With Both Hands Equally?

The Mental Aspects of Shooting

  1. How to Break out of a Shooting Slump
  2. How Tiger Woods Can Improve the Mental Aspects of Your Basketball Game
  3. Mental Aspects of Shooting Free Throws

Basketball Shooting DVDs/Videos

  1. Breakthrough Shooting & Scoring System

Recommended Basketball Shooting Aids and Resources

  1. Basketball Shooting Workouts - Over 300 Drill Variations and 80 Progressive Workouts
  2. Our Basketball Shooting Course - Discover Step by Step How to Become a Lights Out Shooter
  3. Basketball Shooting DVDs & Videos
  4. Basketball Shooting Aids
  5. Basketball Shooting Camps