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Sturdiest Adjustable In-Ground Basketball Hoop Your Entire Family Will Have Fun Shooting and Dunking On Sturdiest Adjustable In-Ground Basketball Hoop Your Entire Family Will Have Fun Shooting and Dunking On

Whether you're 5 or 50, you can work out like the pros, without leaving your home.

Adjustable rim height lets the whole family have a blast exercising and shooting baskets in a sleek-looking straight-pole hoop.

  • Built to outlast your kids.
  • High-performing ball response.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • Loaded with extra safeguards from our offset pole.
  • Easiest residential in-ground hoop to install.
Child adjusting hoop with hand crank

Adjustable Rim Lets You Dunk Like Michael Jordan Even if You're Short

A simple-to-use crank lets even a 5-year-old lower the hoop without assistance.

The offset pole lets you adjust the hoop from 6' - 10'.
This range of height makes basketball an enjoyable workout for every member of your family.

Versatile Enough for Children to Dunk Girl dunking
Strong Enough For Adults to Hang Man hanging from hoop after dunking
Durable In-Ground Basketball Hoop with Offset Pole Built to Last a Lifetime
Offset design and 7-guage steel give you a regulation-quality hoop. Made in America's midwest. Your shots and rebounds won't be altered by vibration or a rattly hoop.
Offset Pole Makes Rim Adjustment Safer and Quicker
Height adjustment mechanics inside pole increasing safety and protecting from weather. Easy to read height indicator.

Enjoy Gym Quality Basketball Outdoors

Every component of our hoop is designed to ensure your shots, rebounds, bounces, banks and bricks all behave the same way as with high school, college and NBA baskets.

Your shooting skills will smoothly transfer to an indoor court. So you and your children will improve and reach your potential faster.

Help you children reach their goals by letting them play on a hoop that'll give them a bigger payoff for their practice time.

A Slick Looking Rock-Solid Backboard Gives You NBA-Ball Performance

Our backboard is solidly engineered. It can withstand the entire neighborhood slamming and rebounding on the goal without damage.

Stable tempered glass backboard supported by wide-grip extension arms withstands the harshest environments and toughest play. 1-piece design prevents breakage and rust areas. H-Frame backboard technology gives you precise and consistent ball response. 1 1/2 inch structural steel tubing around entire backboard protects glass from breakage.

If you have a school, church, park or apartment complex that needs an acrylic backboard, contact us.

Anchor System Gives You Confidence to Play Hard

Our anchor has more steel underground than the J-bolt typically found anchoring other in-ground hoops. Giving you a rock-solid hoop with more stability so you can fearlessly dunk and hang.

42 inch depth anchor of 7-guage steel won't break easily like a standard 18 inch J-Bolt anchor.

Fast Installation That Won't Require an Army To Set Up Your Basketball Hoop

No ladders needed with our Ground Anchor Hinge System. By assembling the backboard and pole on the ground, you're kept out of harm's way. 2 - 3 average size people lift the fully assembled pole onto the anchor.

With our system, you'll have fewer pieces and parts to put together. You'll spend less time assembling the hoop and more time exercising in your home court.

You'll get easy-to-follow installation instructions

Don't want to install the hoop yourself?

In 2 visits our recommended professional installers can save you the work of putting up your hoop. The first day they'll dig the hole, pour the concrete and install the anchor. On the follow-up visit they'll assemble your pole.

One Less Huge Headache When You Move

Relocation is hassle-free with our anchor. When you move, just take the fully-assembled pole with you and buy a new anchor.

By giving your family a lifetime of court time, this hoop gives you a better return on your investment than difficult-to-move portable hoops.

A Rim Shaq Can Hang From Without Breaking!

Spring engineering protects you and the neighborhood from injury by putting a shock absorber into the rim.

When pressure gets exerted onto our Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim, the spring alleviates tension by letting the rim slide downwards. After the player releases the rim, it springs back to horizontal position.

Solid steel rim will endure hundreds of dunks and hangs. 1-piece continuous net attachements. Tear-resistant reinforced net.

No dead balls come off this rim. Your rebounds will be consistent and match the performance found on a regulation court.

Adjustable In-Ground Basketball Hoops with Offset Pole

Adjustable 72" Offset Pole

Typically used in a larger space, such as a 3-car driveway or custom outdoor court.

72" x 42" Regulation Backboard and Hoop

provides the high-performing ball response and rebounding needed for competitive basketball play.

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Adjustable 60" Offset Pole

Typically used in a medium size space, such as a 2 or 3-car driveway.

60" x 38" Backboard

provides high-performing ball response and rebounding on a mid-size, competition-grade system.

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Adjustable 54" Offset Pole

Typically used in a smaller space, like a 1-car driveway.

54" x 36" Backboard

provides high-performing ball response and rebounding on a smaller system.

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We promise you'll get a sturdy, durable system that'll endure all the dunking, hanging and basketballs your family tosses at our hoop.

If we fail at our promise, we'll replace your system quickly and painlessly.

  • Limited* Lifetime Warranty on all components of our in-ground basketball hoops.
  • 2-Year Limited* Warranty on the Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim.

* You're covered as long as your system is installed properly and gets normal, intended use.

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Co-founder and coachJeff Haefner.

We're basketball fanatics who've coached players and teams for more than 20 years. Including NBA draft picks and top college players at Duke and Michigan State.

We've been shooting baskets since we were old enough to hold a ball. We passed on our passion for basketball to our kids.

Co-founder and coachJoe Haefner.

Our understanding of the needs of both recreational players and pros drove us to offer the best quality basketball hoops.

Our families and neighbors play with us on our own in-ground hoop. That's why we can honestly say this is the best hoop on the market.