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Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop Sturdy Enough for the Gym but Made for Your Home
Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop Sturdy Enough for the Gym but Made for Your Home

Dunk, hang and shoot like the pros without leaving your home.

With an adjustable rim, the whole family can have a blast shooting baskets in a sleek-looking hoop that mounts on a wall outside. Or inside your garage.

  • Solid construction gives you NBA-style ball performance.
  • Durable system can withstand decades of neighborhood play.
  • Space-saving hoop fits in small play areas.
  • Easy to install.
  • 100% made in the USA.

Slick-Looking Wall-Mount Hoop Built to Last a Lifetime

An industrial-strength hoop with a classy design.

Less Hassle and More Fun Than Roof-Mount Hoops

With a wall-mount hoop, you won't have to work around roof pitch or gutters during installation.

Children will enjoy sinking shots into an easy-to-reach basket.

Rock-Solid Backboard Keeps Your Ball on Course

Our high-quality construction gives you a sturdy backboard that won't shake. So your shots, rebounds, bounces and banks behave the same way as with high school, college and NBA baskets.

If you have a school, church, park or apartment complex that needs an acrylic backboard, contact us.

Adjustable Rim Gives the Whole Family the Thrill of Sinking Shots

Your family will have decades of court time with this versatile hoop. It'll be low enough for children to make shots and strong enough for adults to dunk in.

*These adjustable rim features are different on the 48" backboard model.

Play Basketball All Year Long in Your Private Gym

Bad weather doesn't have to keep you from shooting baskets. A wall-mount hoop lets you transform a large garage, warehouse or storage building into an indoor court.

Easy-to-Assemble Components That Fit Like a Glove

Quality engineering ensures every piece, screw, hole and bracket fit together with ease. You'll get step-by-step instructions with detailed diagrams. You won't be left guessing which part goes where.

2 or 3 people can install your wall-mount hoop.

Don't want to install the hoop yourself?

One of our recommended professional installers can save you the work of putting up your hoop.

Breakaway Rim Rebounds From Pounding Without a Scratch

A spring system makes this rim strong enough to withstand thousands of grabs and shots.

When pressure gets exerted onto our Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim, the spring alleviates tension by letting the rim slide downwards. After the player releases the rim, it springs back to horizontal position.

Solid steel rim will endure hundreds of dunks and hangs. 1-piece continuous net attachements. Tear-resistant reinforced net.

No dead balls come off this rim. Your rebounds will be consistent and match the performance found on a regulation court.

Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Hoops

Sturdy, made-in-America hoops that'll give you NBA-style ball performance.

72" Adjustable Wall-Mount Hoop

Typically used in a larger space, such as a 3-car driveway.

72" x 42" Regulation Backboard and Hoop

Same size found in gym and college courts. A must for competitive basketball enthusiasts.

60" Adjustable Wall-Mount Hoop

Typically used in a medium size space, such as a 2 or 3-car driveway.

60" x 38" Backboard

provides high-performing ball response and rebounding on a mid-size, competition-grade system.

54" Adjustable Wall-Mount Hoop

Typically used in smaller space, like a 1-car driveway.

54" x 36" Backboard

provides high-performing ball response and rebounding on a smaller system.

48" Adjustable Wall-Mount Hoop

A hoop that will fit perfectly in a 1-car driveway or small play area.

48" x 32" Backboard

An economical way to have a durable hoop in your home court.

Contact our experts if you have questions or need help choosing the right hoop.

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We promise you'll get a sturdy, durable system that'll endure all the dunking, hanging and basketballs your family tosses at our hoop.

If we fail at our promise, we'll replace your system quickly and painlessly.

  • Limited* Lifetime Warranty on all components of our adjustable wall-mount basketball systems.
  • 2-Year Limited* Warranty on the Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim.

* You're covered as long as your system is installed properly and gets normal, intended use.

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Co-founder and coachJoe Haefner.

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