Highly-Effective Zone Out Of Bounds Plays

Scoring on zone inbounds plays can be the difference between a loss and a win. Often, coaches dismiss zone out of bounds plays and their goal is just to get the ball inbounds. While getting the ball inbounds is very important, why not try to score in these opportunities. If you can score an extra 2 to 3 buckets a game from these situations, that's at least an extra 4 to 6 points. For many coaches, that's the difference between a championship season and a good season, between a winning season and a losing season, and between a competitive season and a miserable season.

Inbounds plays are similar to special teams in American football and we all know how important special teams are in football.

Also, most opposing teams don't spend a lot of time defending inbounds plays during practice, so you might be able to catch them off guard for a few easy buckets before they can make an adjustment.

Below you will find some of our most-effective zone out of bounds plays.

Inbounds Plays Against Zone Defenses

Sneaky - This is a great play that can be used at any time. It can also be used as a great end of game play.

2 Simple Baseline Out Of Bounds Plays Against All Zone Defenses - Here are a couple of multi-dimensional plays out of the 1-4 low and box sets that can be used against zone and man defenses.

Illinois's Box Z - Baseline Out of Bounds Play - This is a great zone inbounds play used by Bruce Weber when he used to coach at Illinois.

Press Breaker: Line - This is a simple, yet highly effective zone press breaker that you can use against any zone defense. It's also a great way to quickly determine if the defense is playing zone or man defense.

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