Flex Offense - How To Handle Switching Screens and One Critical Tip That Will Make Any Offense Better

Check out this video where Don Kelbick explains how to handle defenses that switch screens against the flex offense.

One Critical Tip That Will Make Any Offense Better

Early in my coaching career, I used the Swing Offense with a middle school team and a high school team. I was very strict with this continuity offense. I wanted them to run the pattern properly and I drilled and drilled and drilled this offensive pattern.

However, I made a huge mistake that is quite common with young coaches... I taught an offense before teaching kids how to play.

What was the result? Our offense stunk.

During games, after just a few passes, the players would just freeze because they were afraid to deviate from the pattern or didnít know how to counter the defense.

I didnít teach them how to be adaptable players. I didnít teach them how to cut and get open. I didnít teach them different options to attack screens. I didnít teach them how to play if the pattern or play was disrupted by the defense.

The same thing happens with plays.

In the video above, Don does a great job of teaching players how to be adaptable. He teaches offensive concepts to counter the defense within the structure of the flex offense.

As the great Don Meyer would have said, ďTeach your players how to play...not how to run a play.Ē

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