The Simplified Zoom Offense For High School & Youth Basketball

If you watched the UConn Huskies win the National Championship this season, you saw a lot of Zoom Action. If you watched the Denver Nuggets over the past couple years, you saw a lot of Zoom action.

The Zoom Action has taken basketball by storm. Why? Because it works.

However, does it work at all levels? That's a major issue with many of the strategies we see at the highest levels of basketball.

They might work great for elite players, but will they work for the players you coach? Often, the answer is no.

But that's not the case for the Zoom Offense that 3x State Champion Coach Nate Steege has put together! One of the great things about the offense is that it works at all levels!

Coach Steege's offense is adaptable to different personnel and different levels. This means you can run it well no matter your level or talent!

The Zoom Offense can be run with either 1 or 2 posts. The 2 Post Flow is simpler to teach and is a great way to introduce the offense.

2 Post Flow can be run as a semi-continuity offense, which makes it easier for younger players to understand.

Watch here as he covers the basics of the 2 Post Flow.

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Godlisten Msuva says:
7/21/2024 at 12:30:29 AM

The drill is good


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