Man to Man Basketball Plays:
3 Zoom Actions from Toledo & Pitt That Create HUGE Driving Lanes and Multiple Scoring Opportunities For Your Offense

By Spencer Barnes

If you love great offense, you'll definitely want to check out these college basketball plays incorporating the zoom action.

This simple but highly effective motion offense action will help your team score more points! The zoom action creates large gaps for the dribble drive while causing indecision and breakdowns for the defense.

The zoom action can be used as set plays against or a primary action in your half court offense against man to man defenses.

The Zoom Action has become very popular in the NBA and college levels, but it's easy to teach and use at even the Youth level... as long as you simplify it.

Watch the Zoom Action Plays from Toledo & Pitt, and make sure to check out the diagrams and instructions below to help you implement these plays into your offense!

Toledo Horns Zoom - Fake DHO Into Zoom With Screen the Screener Action

This Toledo action has so many great things in it for scoring opportunities for multiple players. The fake dribble handoff sets up a zoom action with lots of space for the ball handler.

As you watch the zoom action take place, watch the cross screen on the baseline for a STS action(screen the screener). The pick and pop off the zoom is a tough coverage when all the action is flowing to the opposite side of the floor!


Double1 (4K)
  • This horns set starts with 1 entering to 4 and cutting off the pass for a fake hand off. Once the ball is entered, 5 begins to set a screen for 3 in the corner.
Double2 (4K)
  • After 1 clears, 4 dribbles at 5 at the same time 3 comes up from the corner for the zoom hand off.
Double3 (4K)
  • As 3 gets the handoff, 2 comes from the opposite corner to set a cross screen for 5.(STS Action - Screen the Screener)

    Then 1 slides to the ball side corner as the shooter while 3 attacks the paint and 4 pops.
Double3 (4K)
  • After the cross screen, 2 clears to the corner and 3 has the options:
    • Attack the paint
    • Hit 5 on the cross screen
    • Drive & kick to 1 in the corner
    • Kick back to the 4 who pops to the top

Now let's dig into another similar, yet different zoom action play from Pitt.

2 Zoom Actions From Pitt - Horns DHO With Clearout and 5-Out Fake DHO Into Double Zoom

In both clips, you will see how Pitt forces the defense in a tough 3 on 2 situation with a shooter in the corner, a driver coming down hill with a HUGE driving lane, and a rim runner ready to finish.

In the first play, watch how Pitt utilizes a zoom action with the Horns look and uses a backside clearout.

The second play uses a fake dribble hand off (DHO) into a double zoom action that creates an almost identical situation with another enormous driving lane and multiple scoring opportunities.

Instructions(Horns DHO With Clearout):

Double1 (4K)
  • Set starts in a traditional horns look with the bigs (4 & 5) facing each other at the three point line. The 1 comes off of the ball screen to start the action.
Double2 (4K)
  • The 5 who set the ball screen pops to the top of the key and receives the pass from 1.
Double3 (4K)
  • The 4 goes to set a screen for the 3 in the corner while the 5 dribbles at the screen to complete the zoom action. At the same time, 2 clears the corner to the opposite side for spacing.
Double3 (4K)
  • As the 3 attacks the paint, 5 rim runs and 4 pops. The 1 slides to the corner as the shooter ready to catch and shoot.

Instructions(5-Out Fake DHO Into Double Zoom):

Double3 (4K)
  • This action starts in the traditional five-out look. The 5 pops to the top of the key and recieves a pass from 1.
Double3 (4K)
  • Immediately after entering the ball, 1 cuts over the top for a fake hand off. 1 then follows 4 into a staggered screen for 3 in the corner.
Double3 (4K)
  • After 1 clears, 5 turns and dribbles at the staggered screeners. 3 comes up from the corner to get the dribble hand off for the double zoom action.
Double3 (4K)
  • Both 4 and 1 pop out for spacing, while 3 attacks the lane with a shooter (2) in the corner and 5 rim running.

Well, we hope these zoom actions help you elevate your offensive productions... whether it's a nice addition to your playbook or used as your primary offensive action.

Below, you can check out more helpful offensive resources as well.

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