3 Zoom Offense Drills - Improve Unselfishness and Ball Movement Off Dribble Penetration

By: Rob Panasuk, Head Varsity Coach at Brick Township, New Jersey

These three drill progressions are a great simulation to teach quick ball movement, how to score from advantages,and split second decision making... while incorporating the push/pull concept for spacing off dribble penetration!

This will result in your team turning small advantages into big advantages and scoring more points.

These Drive-Kick-Swing Drills from Nate Steege's Conceptual Zoom Offense teach your players...

  • Unselfishness by developing your team's passing skills and driving ability.
  • Continuous ball movement by finding your open teammate.
  • How to skillfully break down a defense after attacking the paint.

Drill #1 - 4v0 Drive-Kick-Swing Drill


  • To begin this drill, place 4 offensive players around the 3-point line at the corners and wings.
  • For the purpose of this drill, there is no cutting at all.
  • Players may only drive and kick, make a swing pass, or fill the open spots.
  • The player that drives and kicks must immediately get out of the paint and fill an open spot.

The drill starts with the coach making the first pass from the baseline to an offensive player to initiate a drive and kick scenario.

Coach passes to Player 1.

Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4 stay properly spaced ready to receive a pass from player 1.

Player 1 drives into the paint and kicks the ball out to player 2.

Player 4 and player 3 stay spaced in the corner.

Player 1 immediately cuts opposite to maintain balance and spacing.

Player 2 quickly swings the ball to player 4.

While this is happening, player 3 must also lift and replace to fill the open wing spot.

Player 4 then drives into the paint and looks for the next kick out opportunity.

Player 2 relocates to the corner that player 4 just drove from.

Player 3 relocates and fills the opposite side wing.

Player 1 lifts to fill the same side wing.

Player 4 must then retreat out of the paint after making a pass.

Once your players have an understanding of the concepts, you can add a live defense.

Some coaches also prefer to run the previous drill with "guided defense" that is not allowed to steal passes.

Key Coaching Points:

It may take a few repetitions to have your players fill and replace when necessary after drive and kicks.

  • Drive to the rim with an attack to score mentality.
  • The ball should never stop moving.
  • The player making the swing pass will not relocate until there is a drive and kick.
  • Drive to get into the paint to force the defense to help.
  • Play off two feet on dribble penetration so you can be balanced and make accurate passes.
  • Always fill the open spots as your teammate drives to the rim.
  • Swing passes should be a relatively short "one more" pass to an open player and not a longer skip pass.

Drill #2 - 4v3 Drive Kick Swing Drill

You want to start with only 3 defenders so that your offense is at an advantage.

It's very important to teach your players how to create advantages. But it's just as important to teach them how to play and score from those advantages!


  • The only shots the offense may take are uncontested lay-ups or uncontested threes.
  • There is no cutting for the purpose of the drill.
  • Your off-ball players may only move during a drive and kick to fill one of the 4 open spots.

Set up:

Defender 1 starts with their back to player 1 who has the ball. The other 2 defenders are both in the gap for help.


Player 1 then drives either side to initiate the drill.

You will Drive-Kick-Swing until the offense gets the look they want.

For example, in this possession, player 1 passes the ball to player 3 after making the defense help.

Player 3 immediately swings the ball to player 2 and player 4 lifts to fill the open wing.

Player 1 fills the opposite corner to maintain balance and spacing.

If Player 2 is wide open, they shoot the ball.

If not, Player 2 can swing the ball and drive into the paint.

Drill #3 - 4v4 Drive Kick Swing Drill

This doesn't need much explanation. It works the same way as the 4v3 drill, except now there are 4 defenders.

The defender guarding the ball still starts with their back to the defender to create the initial dribble drive advantage.

Start from Different Spots:

You can also have your offense begin the drill by attacking from a different location each time.

Here we get a look at starting from the corner.

Create A Point System:

Here is an example of a point system you could use for the offense.

  • +1 for two feet in paint after dribble drive
  • +1 for no hesitations on possession
  • +1 for open shot
  • -1 for hesitations off the catch
  • -1 for contested perimeter shot

You can always adjust the point system and constraints to change your emphasis.

Offense Resource: Nate Steege's Conceptual Zoom Offense

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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Andy Gordon says:
1/11/2024 at 7:20:57 PM

Good Simple drill for 14-15 year olds. When its 4 on 4 shell drill principles can be applied to D as well.


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