Multi-Option Quick-Hitter: Pistol

The Portland Trail Blazers run this simple quick hitter called Pistol. This play can be used in secondary break situations.  It is designed to be used before the defense is set.  There are multiple options to counter the defense.  
Initial Set Up The play can be run on either side.  But, the offense needs to be spaced properly so that the play works effectively.   Since this is a transition play, 5 will likely trail the play.  This play can be put into action after a make or a miss. So you need to have your players push the ball quickly up the floor. 
Frame 1
1 passes to 2 and then immediately sprints toward 2 for a hand off.  5 cuts to the top of the key.   An moment before 1 receives the handoff, 4 and 3 drop lower to occupy help defense.
Frame 2
2 hands the ball off to 1, who drives to the basket for a layup or pull-up jumper.  5 sets a flare screen for 2.  3 can fade to the right corner after 2 receives the hand-off for a possible shot.  4 is in good position for a skip pass.
Frame 3
Wrinkle for Option 1 If 1 can't turn the corner after receiving the hand-off, 1 should keep the dribble alive and wait for 2 to flare off of 5's screen.  After 2 flares, 1 and 5 can play a two man game.  5 can set a ball screen and roll or pop out for an open jump shot. 
Frame 4
Option 2 The setup is the same as option 1.  1 passes to 2 and then cuts behind 2.  2 fakes the handoff to 1.  5 comes down to set ball screen for 2. 
Frame 5
2 uses 5's ball screen and looks to score or pass the ball to an open teammate.  3 fades to corner for spacing purposes and a possible kick out pass. 
Frame 6
Option 3  Same initial setup.  However, the wrinkle is 1 keeps his dribble and 2 steps up to set screen for 1.  5 sets a screen for 2, who comes off of it at the left free throw line. 3 fades to corner.
Frame 7
1 can drive to bucket or go for a short pull-up. 1 can also reverse pivot  and kick the ball out to 2  for a three-point attempt.
Frame 8
The key to running this play is to have a solid point guard and shooting guard. The point guard must cut hard/fast after the initial pass to the shooting guard.  The video shows how the Blazers run the play.  The first minute of the film shows the initial pass while the rest of film does not.  In Option 2, frame 2, you have two options: At the same time as the pick-n-roll, 4 can set a down screen for 3 -- who can pop up for a three-pointer or curl off the screen for a layup/jumper.  The other option is that 3 and 4 can flip positions and have 4 steps up to set a flare screen.


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