The Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter for Coaches --
Issue #28: January 20th, 2010

Check out these new drills, plays, and tips from our NEW Online Coaching Clinics. These clips were taken from the clinic with Barry Adams.

NEW Drills, Plays, & Feeder System Tips

Escape 3 on 3 Full Court  |  Video Clip - Great full court transition drill that practices game-like situations during the fastbreak.

Baseline 1 on 1 Escape  |  Video Clip - Great 1 on 1 finishing drill with the baseline attack.

Pair - Very simple, yet effective play with the right personnel.

10 Tips To A Better Feeder System and Youth Basketball Program (Audio) - Vital to any successful high school program.

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The samples above are an extremely small fraction (less than 8%) of what you get out of the full Barry Adam's clinic!

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Featured Coach - Barry Adams - 656 Career Wins!

Barry has had some tremendous success as a high school coach in the state of Oregon. He has 656 career wins at the high school level. Do the math. It would take thirty-three 20-win seasons to get there!

He's been the Oregon Coach of the Year 4 times. He's been to the state tournament 16 times, made it to the championship round 4 times, and won the state championships twice.

Barry has also operated the Cascade Sports Basketball Camp for 39 years and graduated over 56,000 students. He has worked with virtually all age levels from beginning youngsters through high school.

Barry has enjoyed tremendous success in FIVE different schools. This shows that his system works across a variety of settings, not just because he was lucky to land in an ideal situation.

We're really excited to have him and learn some of the secrets to his success...

If you would like to learn more, check out the Online Coaching Clinics.