Do You Sub Offense / Defense (During Dead Ball Situations)?

By Ken Sartini
The more you coach this game and the higher level you get to... you will find game situations where you can or should sub a better defensive player to make a stop. Or sub a great ball handler / shooter because you need a basket or someone to help take care of the ball. Late in the game you might want a great free throw shooter in the game because you know they are going to foul intentionally.

You can do this at any dead ball situations (free throws, time outs, balls thrown out of bounds, etc). I have those guys sitting next to me on the bench, so when that situation arose, I knew right where they were at. I didn't like it when I had to get up (of course I was always up) and look down the bench for a particular player that fit that role.

We did a lot of subbing during free throw situations. Have someone up at the table to go in after the second shot is made. This allowed us to set our defense for both half and full court. It also stopped the other team from fast breaking and getting an easy look.

You will find that with the less talent you have the more things you have to think of to make sure you get an edge. Keep an open mind and look for ways to help get your team an edge.

What do you think? Do you sub offense / defense during dead ball situations?

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Pat says:
12/27/2018 at 11:24:11 PM

The downside of this is that players cannot get into the flow of the game.


Wes Mathews says:
7/18/2010 at 8:34:53 PM

I also find that strategy is a good way to stretch games. Especially when you've been able to hang close against a team who is more tallented than yours, making those seconds feel like minutes can play to your advantage as you come down the stretch in a close game.


Johnny G says:
1/11/2010 at 12:02:30 AM

I also sub when I have a good offensive player in foul trouble. He plays strictly offense. Sub him when we have the ball.


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