Basketball Game Strategy and How to Get an Edge Over the Competition

By Ken Sartini
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How do you rate yourself in Getting an Edge over the other team? What do you do to ensure that your team has the best chance it can have to beat an opponent?

Before I get into these game strategies... let me say that the lower level coaches... 5 to 12 year olds should spend a lot more time on the fundamentals and basics of the game. As you move up the ladder, it becomes more important for you to understand how to handle different game time situations that arise.

Watching one of the Bulls play off games got me thinking about game strategy. Subbing, clock management, and time outs are not Vinnie Del Negro's forte. NOT having the right people on the floor in crunch time..... shooting too EARLY and allowing the other team to get a last second shot off.. and NOT having a TIME OUT in crunch time. I believe this cost them the game!

OK, now that I have vented a little bit.... here are my thoughts on game strategy:

Please visit each link below to find out how I handle these situations. Then please share your opinion on each page so we can develop a resource for coaches to get different opinions and strategies to handle game situations.

Coaching Resources

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