Baseline 1 on 1 Escape

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Purpose of the Drill:

To teach an offensive player who has escaped his defender on the baseline how to convert a short lead into a lay in.


  • Offensive player starts with the ball 15 feet straight down the baseline.
  • Defender is lined up just behind and to the top of the offensive player.
  • On the "GO" command, the offensive player "pushes" the defender higher, reads them and decides how to get a lay-in.
  • The shot can be a power lay-in, one step up and lay it in, fake to let the defender stop or fly by and power it in.
  • Object is to get a very good shot with the offensive player in control.

Points of Emphasis:

  • Finish the play by getting a high percentage lay in by using the right angles, using the body on the defender, and knowing exactly where the defender is and how he defender is trying to stop the shot.
  • The coach should show the offensive player how to use his body to keep the defender on his back while getting a shot off the backboard.


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Brian Reynolds says:
1/28/2010 at 8:26:07 PM

Great drill. I use it to teach post aggressiveness towards the basket against a zone when we get the ball into the short corner. If we do not have a pass to the high post going to the rim we attack the basket from this position.


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