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This is a sample built off the template from the article How To Develop Workouts Like A Pro -- Using 8 Key Building Blocks.

Note that the repetitions and sets for this workout is just a sample. The reps and sets for each exercise should be adjusted for an individual player's skill level, age level, strengths, and weaknesses.

Remember to do every exercise equal on both limbs and every drill on both sides of the court.

Block 1 - Athleticism and Injury Prevention.

  • Strides - Run down and back for 10 court lengths at 60% to 70% speed.
  • Knee-to-wall touches - 3x each way.
  • Leg swings - 10 each leg.
  • Reaches - Up, Side, Rotate - 3 each arm.
  • Toes walks - Distance is half of the court.
  • Heel walks - Distance is half of the court.
  • Lunge matrix with reaches - Lunge forward, side, and rotate back. Do this sequence with an upward reach, foot reach, and reach to the opposite side of the stepping leg.
  • Squat matrix - 3x each stance. Stances: Normal, narrow, wide, stagger right, stagger left, toes in, toes out.
  • Jump matrix - One foot - side to side, front to back, rotational. 10 jumps each leg and each sequence.
  • One leg reaches - leg driver - forward, side, rotate
  • Crab crawl - Distance is half of the court.
  • Circle shuffle - facing in, facing out. - 1 lap around center circle each way.
  • High knee carioca - Half court and back.
  • Crossover skip - Half court and back. Forwards and backwards.
  • Push up to sprint - Sprint through half court. 3 reps.
  • Mirror drill - 3 reps for each partner. 10 to 15 seconds
  • Close out to quick turn to 2 explosive shuffles. 3 reps.
  • Tuck jumps - 2 sets of 10.

Block 2 - Ball Handling / Passing

Block 3 - Finishing

  • Mikans - 10 makes in a row for each variation.

Block 4 - Form Shooting

  • 1-Hand form shooting - 15 makes - 5 makes from front, left, and right of basket. 4 feet away.
  • Set position "smooth" shooting - 25 makes - 8 feet away. 5 spots.

Block 5 - High Repetition Shooting

Block 6 - Theme Shooting Drills (Game-Like Shooting Drills)

Block 7 - Fun Competitive Drill

Block 8 - Cool Down / Static Stretching

  • Make 30 Free Throws
  • Static stretching series - Key areas to target - calves, hips, pecs, lats, and upper back.

Hopefully, this will help you create your offseason workout plan!

What do you think? Let us know by leaving your comments, suggestions, and questions...


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Kenneth O says:
4/8/2014 at 8:58:29 AM

Thanks for the off season workout guide and information. I will give my players a guide as well as the sample workout so that they can build something off this foundation. Great tips and thanks again.


Fernando says:
5/5/2013 at 8:56:21 PM

Diagram and video together is real great .


Hemanshu Pandey says:
4/18/2013 at 4:11:48 AM

Thanks for the great program. Covers everything for the game. Appreciate the effort to educate people about Basketball and its intricacies.


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