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The 2-3 zone is the most popular zone defense played. It can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3-point arc as well as the inside game.

Many teams will use the 2-3 zone against athletic teams to limit their drives to the rim and force them to take shots from the outside.

2-3 Zone Drills

Zone Defense Rebounding Drill

Deflect More Passes in a 2-3 Zone

2-3 Zone Articles & Tips

Basic 2-3 Zone Alignment and Progressions

How To Defend The Most Deadly Spot In The Zone

6 Tips for Rebounding in the Zone

2-3 Zone DVD

If you'd like to dig deeper and get more information about developing an effective zone defense, we highly recommend Al Marshall's Zone Defense In our opinion, he runs one of the best zone defenses in the country and it gives you the most thorough explanation of zone defense we have seen.


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