This Unique Defensive Strategy and Technique Stops 3-Point Shooting Dead In Its Tracks

Al Marshall played man to man defense for 30 years. The common held belief was that you would give up more 3-point shots by playing zone defense.

After getting beat again by the 3-point shot, Coach Marshall decided to make a change.

He switched to a 2-3 zone defense. The line of thinking was...

Well, if I'm going to give up 3-point shots, I might as well take away lay ups.

However, Coach Marshall learned something else quite interesting!

After the switch to zone defense, not only did they give up fewer lay ups, their opponent's 3-point shooting percentage dropped drastically as well!

After this change, Coach Marshall led the state for 6 straight years in defensive field goal percentage! And he won 86% of his games over the last 11 years that he coached.

But there's more to it than simply switching to a 2-3 zone defense.

There is actually a defensive technique used within the zone defense that is critical in lowering your opponent's 3-point shooting percentage.

And if you don't employ this method below for defending the 3-point shot, you might be in trouble.

Coach Marshall explains here...

The On-Off Technique Used to Stop 3-Point Shooting and Penetration

As you can see in the video, Coach Marshall calls this defensive technique On-Off.

This means the bottom defender of the zone gets ON the shooter to heavily contest or stop the shot.

Then you bump OFF the defender once you stop the initial shot. By this time, the top defender time recovers to defend the offensive player.

Why the "On-Off Technique" Helped Al Marshall Lead the State in Defensive Scoring 8 out of 11 years!

In theory, the On-Off technique disrupts the shooter's rhythm and they make fewer shots.

So if your opponent decides to shoot, they are shooting a low percentage shot either way... heavily contested or disrupted rhythm.

And now the bottom defender can defend penetration and the post area again!

You might be thinking that they should drive if a high percentage shot isn't there.

It's not as easy as it looks. Due to other principles emphasized in the Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense, there are multiple help defenders to make dribble penetration difficult and contest every shot.

That's probably why he led the state in defensive scoring for 8 out of 11 years!

If you'd like to have a dominant defense or just a secondary defense to disrupt your opponent's offensive rhythm, click on the link below to learn more:

Al Marshall's Aggressive 2-3 Zone Defense - The Defense Your Opponents Will Hate!

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Michael Carper says:
12/20/2021 at 7:16:24 AM

You need more detailed demonstration of the technique here. Show it in real time.


Jon says:
3/10/2021 at 12:03:13 PM

I lovee this


Ja says:
2/21/2021 at 9:50:49 PM

Help the Cleveland Cavaliers with this defense. Tell some quick


IP says:
2/17/2021 at 12:30:33 AM

That’s essentially the Syracuse zone. I’ve been using it for years


Tom Buzard says:
12/10/2019 at 1:56:02 PM

I love the on & off part of the low post. My question lies in that the high position leaves a fake shot to a drive baseline where center has to choose who to guard? I feel that if the wing post comes up base-line side; he will drive the shooter into the closing defender we are helping.


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