Zone Defense Tips

Here are a few universal tips that apply to most zone defenses:

1. Keep your hands high and active. This makes it more difficult to pass the ball inside, allows you to cover more space, and causes deflections (turnovers).

2. Stay in your stance (knees bent, butt down) so you are ready to move at all times.

3. Move on the flight of the ball (as the ball is leaving the passer's finger tips) to improve anticipation and quickness.

4. Know where shooters are at all times. Be ready to anticipate and close out quickly on good shooters.

5. Communicate and talk with each other to find the shooter, call out responsibilities, and so on.

6. Keep the ball as far from the basket as possible. As with any defense you want to protect the basket, keeping the ball as far from the basket as possible and forcing the opponent to take difficult shots.

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Ethan says:
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Ethan says:
6/25/2016 at 4:50:44 PM

do u have any tips for the center in a 3-2 defense, I keep messing up & my coach takes me out for the game


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