Donate to the Breakthrough Basketball Camp Scholarship Program

Breakthrough Basketball offers scholarships awards to deserving boys and girls that want to attend basketball camps. The scholarships are given to children of low income families in need of financial assistance.

We think that all kids should have an opportunity to attend basketball camps whether their families can afford it or not. So we're raising money and accepting donations to go 100% towards basketball camp scholarships that will be given to deserving kids.

Help Kids Build Confidence and Enhance their Lives

Today's most successful athletes, musicians, artists, scientists, doctors and other professionals begin exploring participative activities at a very early age. Their involvement is supported by their family's financial support. Without a strong financial and emotional support system, many children's talents and gifts go undeveloped and un-noticed.

We believe that positive programs, like our basketball development camps, will enhance children's lives and help them to become healthy, motivated, productive members of our society who understand and appreciate the value of hard work and integrity.

Our goal is to raise enough money so that no deserving child will be turned away from camp due to an inability to pay the camp tuition. Help us reach that goal by donating to the camp scholarship program...

Donate Online

If you donate $100 or more, you will receive a profile of the camper(s) you are sponsoring.

$540 - Pays for 3 campers to attend a 3-day camp
$360 - Pays for 2 campers to attend a 3-day camp
$180 - Pays for 1 camper to attend a 3-day camp
Other $

Donate by Mail

If you would like to make a donation to Breakthrough Basketball's Scholarship Program by mail, please make the check out to "Breakthrough Baskebtall Camp Scholarships" and mail it to:
Breakthrough Basketball
5001 1st Ave. SE, Ste 105 #254
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

If you donate $100 or more, you will receive a profile of the camper(s) you are sponsoring.

Please note that we are not a charity organization, as classified by the Internal Revenue Service, and as a result the donations are not deductible. However 100% of your donations will go to pay for needy kids that want to attend Breakthrough Basketball camps.

Our Contributions

Breakthrough Basketball has donated over $5000 to help kids needing scholarships. Unfortunetely we have reached a point where we can't help all the kids that qualify for scholarships. So anything you can donate will help us continue accepting every player in need of assistance.

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