Basketball Camps by City

Breakthrough Basketball has been a leader in youth basketball camps for 15+ years offering over 300 camps in 46 states and 4 provinces.

Check out this list to find basketball camps in some of our bigger markets. If you cannot find the city or location you are looking for, then check out our camps page to see all of your summer basketball camp options for 2023.

Camps in Alabama
 ⦁Birmingham, AL

Camps in Alaska
 ⦁Anchorage, AK

Camps in Arizona
 ⦁Phoenix, AZ

Camps in California
 ⦁Los Angeles, CA
 ⦁Sacramento, CA
 ⦁San Diego, CA
 ⦁San Francisco, CA

Camps in Colorado
 ⦁Denver, CO
 ⦁Glenwood Springs, CO
 ⦁Grand Junction, CO
 ⦁Windsor, CO

Camps in Connecticut
 ⦁Woodbridge, CT

Camps in Florida
 ⦁Miami, FL
 ⦁Orlando, FL
 ⦁Pensacola, FL

Camps in Georgia
 ⦁Atlanta, GA

Camps in Idaho
 ⦁Nampa, ID
 ⦁Pocatello, ID

Camps in Illinois
 ⦁Chicago, IL
 ⦁East Peoria, IL
 ⦁Marion, IL

Camps in Indiana
 ⦁Indianapolis, IN

Camps in Iowa
 ⦁Cedar Rapids, IA
 ⦁Des Moines, IA
 ⦁Dubuque, IA
 ⦁Humboldt, IA
 ⦁Waterloo, IA

Camps in Kansas
 ⦁Kansas City, KS
 ⦁Wichita, KS

Camps in Kentucky
 ⦁Lexington, KY
 ⦁Louisville, KY

Camps in Maine
 ⦁Portland, ME

Camps in Maryland
 ⦁Baltimore, MD

Camps in Massachusetts
 ⦁Boston, MA

Camps in Michigan
 ⦁Detroit, MI
 ⦁Grand Rapids, MI
 ⦁Lansing, MI
 ⦁Traverse City, MI

Camps in Minnesota
 ⦁Aitkin, MN
 ⦁Alexandria, MN
 ⦁Lake Crystal, MN
 ⦁Minneapolis, MN
 ⦁Rochester, MN
 ⦁St. Cloud, MN

Camps in Missouri
 ⦁Cape Girardeau, MO
 ⦁Columbia, MO
 ⦁Kansas City, MO
 ⦁Springfield, MO
 ⦁St. Louis, MO

Camps in Montana
 ⦁Billings, MT
 ⦁Cascade, MT
 ⦁Hobson, MT
 ⦁Kalispell, MT
 ⦁Missoula, MT

Camps in Nebraska
 ⦁Fairfield, NE
 ⦁Grand Island, NE
 ⦁Lincoln, NE
 ⦁Omaha, NE

Camps in Nevada
 ⦁Las Vegas, NV

Camps in New Hampshire
 ⦁Hampton, NH

Camps in New Mexico
 ⦁Albuquerque, NM

Camps in New York
 ⦁Rochester, NY
 ⦁St. Bonaventure, NY

Camps in North Carolina
 ⦁Charlotte, NC
 ⦁Fayetteville, NC
 ⦁Greensboro, NC

Camps in North Dakota
 ⦁Dickinson, ND
 ⦁Fargo, ND
 ⦁Larimore, ND
 ⦁Minot, ND

Camps in Ohio
 ⦁Cincinnati, OH
 ⦁Cleveland, OH
 ⦁Columbus, OH

Camps in Oklahoma
 ⦁Oklahoma City, OK

Camps in Oregon
 ⦁Eugene, OR
 ⦁Portland, OR

Camps in Pennsylvania
 ⦁Harrisburg, PA
 ⦁Philadelphia, PA
 ⦁Pittsburgh, PA
 ⦁Scranton, PA
 ⦁State College, PA

Camps in Rhode Island
 ⦁Tiverton, RI

Camps in South Carolina
 ⦁Charleston, SC
 ⦁Spartanburg, SC

Camps in South Dakota
 ⦁Watertown, SD
 ⦁Yankton, SD

Camps in Tennessee
 ⦁Gatlinburg, TN
 ⦁Kingsport, TN

Camps in Texas
 ⦁Amarillo, TX
 ⦁Austin, TX
 ⦁Dallas, TX
 ⦁Houston, TX
 ⦁Lubbock, TX
 ⦁Perryton, TX
 ⦁San Antonio, TX

Camps in Utah
 ⦁Mt. Pleasant, UT
 ⦁Salt Lake City, UT

Camps in Virginia
 ⦁Roanoke, VA
 ⦁Washington DC, VA

Camps in Washington
 ⦁Centralia, WA
 ⦁Pasco, WA
 ⦁Seattle, WA
 ⦁Spokane, WA

Camps in Wisconsin
 ⦁Appleton, WI
 ⦁La Crosse, WI
 ⦁Madison, WI
 ⦁Milwaukee, WI
 ⦁Sheboygan, WI
 ⦁Wisconsin Dells, WI

Camps in Wyoming
 ⦁Cheyenne, WY

Your city not listed? Not all of them are. Find More Camps

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