The Breakthrough Basketball Newsletter for Coaches --
Issue #27: January 6th, 2010

NEW Drills & Plays

Pride Drill (VIDEO) - End practice with this great all-around drill that works on conditioning, transition defense, passing, & team offense.

4 Ball Handling Tips from the Nike National Skills Academy (VIDEO)

Kansas St - Screen the Inbounder Play - NEW BLOB (Baseline out of bounds play)

3 Man Series Play - Great entry play for any offense, especially the motion offense.

NEW Youth Coaching Articles

Ndamukong Suh, Footwork, & Youth Athletic Development

Youth Motion Offense: Timing, Entry Passes, & Starting Positions

Beginner Shooting Progressions For All Ages

NEW Coaching Strategy & Articles

Do You Save a Time Out for a Last Second Shot in the Game?

Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Taj Gibson, & The Little Things