This Secret To Counter Moves Improves Shooting Percentages & Offensive Efficiency

Another important layer to the Attack & Counter Skill Development System is the design of the counter moves. Don explains it in the video below.

This tip will lead to more points, better shooting percentages, and more fouls on the defense. And ultimately, this will lead to more WINS for you!

As explained in the video, the counter moves will actually take advantage of the defense's positioning to create better scoring opportunities.

You can see diagrams below that show you exactly what we’re talking about.

Why The Counter Moves Help You Consistently Beat The Defense

As mentioned, the counters take you opposite of the pass. This will help you...

  1. Consistently beat the on-ball defense because you use the defender's positioning and momentum against them.

  2. Attack the vulnerable spots of the help defense. With the counters taking you AWAY from the help defense, you will have more high-percentage scoring opportunities.

    The help defense has to cover a larger distance to stop your drive to the basket. If they do stop you, your teammates are open.

How The Counter Moves Lead To More Fouls On Your Opposition and 5 Ways That This Will Help You

Also, it will lead to more fouls on the opposition due to their position. Analytics have shown that you will win more games if your opponent fouls more than you do.

Here’s why...

  • The free throw is the most efficient shot in basketball. And if you can shoot more of them, this gives you a better chance to win.

  • You reach the bonus sooner. This means you shoot even more of the most efficient shot in basketball.

  • The opposition will be timid on defense. If the defense is afraid to foul, this will allow you to be even more aggressive and get even better scoring opportunities.

  • The opposition may be timid on offense. Also, when you are on defense, the offense may not be as aggressive. They don't want to pick up an offensive foul.

  • Foul trouble for your opponent’s best players. The less time the best players of your opposition play, the better chances you have to win. And teams without depth will be forced to play weaker players who lack experience and skill. Also, foul trouble can mentally take the opposition out of the game… not only hurting their defense but their offense as well.

How The Counter Moves Help You Beat On-Ball Defense

When cutting to the wing, you will either
use an inside pivot or front pivot. Both
of the counters take you opposite of the pass.

In the diagrams to the right, you will see that it takes you to the baseline.

Most times, due to the positioning of the passer, the defense will be inside of the offensive player. In the diagram, the defender is slightly to the left of the offensive player.

As a result, it will be easier to drive by the defender going to the right… which is opposite of the passer.

What If Somebody Trails You And Is Not On The Inside? Won't Your Counters Take You Directly Into The Defense?

A more common example of this would be when a defender trails you around a screen.

Personally, I've never had an issue with this. The player just attacks to score.

In Don Kelbick's Attack & Counter System, he emphasizes to play instinctively and attack.

I also teach my players that if a good scoring opportunity presents itself, take it.

So you just catch and go. Or if you want to use Don's terminology, you catch and sweep.

And this is a very flexible system. It's meant to teach players how to attack, play instinctively and aggressively, and put them in positions where they will have the most success.

If you need to tweak something based on your offense, by all means, do so.

On a side note, the way that Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter System teaches you how to attack screens would actually make sure you capitalize on this situation every single time.

How The Counter Moves Beat Help Defense

Pass To Wing From
Opposite Side Of Floor


As mentioned above, the counter will be a drive opposite of the passer... to the right side of the floor in this situation.

And look at the positioning of the help defense.

Is there more traffic on the left side of the floor or the right side of the floor?

3-Out and 5-Out

The same thing happens with a 3-out or 5-out situation.

Pass To Corner

You’ll notice the same thing happens when the ball is passed to the corner in a 3-out, 4-out, or 5-out offense.

What About When The Counters Take You Into The Help Defense!

This does happen occasionally. For example, a pass from the corner in a 5-out.

But let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. (Ugh… I hate that analogy.)

As you can see with the entirety of the system with the mentality, mapping, and the design of the moves, way more good things are going to happen for you by teaching this way.

ALSO, keep in mind that the counters still take advantage of the position of your defender when you catch the ball.

As a result, your skilled players will be able to frequently get by the on-ball defender.

As a result, what happens even if the help defense is in good position?

Your offense is creating 3-on-2, 2-on-1, and 1-on-0 situations.

Due to the counters and the attack mentality, your offense is going to have a constant advantage.

And if you don’t like your players to attack in this situation, here’s a simple progression for you.

1- Immediately shoot if it’s a good shot.

2 - If it’s not a good shot, immediately reverse the ball with a pass.

Now the players on the opposite side of the floor can take advantage of the scrambling defense with the counter moves.

What About The Hop Instead Of Pivots On The Perimeter!?

You will still teach the pivots and counters. There are many situations in the game in which they are needed.

If you want to teach the hop, just do it.

The counters remain the same and take you opposite of the passer.

That's the beauty of the Attack & Counter Footwork System, it still works even if you have slightly different beliefs than Don on certain aspects of the game.

Click here to learn more about Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter Skill Development System.

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