This Instantly Improves Decision-Making, Aggressiveness, & Makes You a Better Scorer

“Indecision is the enemy of success”

Now you’re going to learn how to fix a headache that plagues coaches and parents all over the world...

Timid, indecisive players.

The beauty of this coaching technique is that

  • It will make all of your players better… even the aggressive ones.

  • You don’t need a high basketball IQ to execute it.

  • It removes indecision and improves confidence.

  • Your players will make decisions more quickly.

And what happens if your players make decisions more quickly… That means it gives the defense less time to get in position and get set.

Obviously, this will lead to more open driving lanes and open shots.

Also… since the defense isn’t set and they’re rotating, this means if contact occurs, more fouls will be called.

This leads to your players attacking the defense when they’re out of position. This leads to more points and more fouls on the opponent.

Bottom line, your players are more effective.

How “Mapping” Works

And just like everything in Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter Skill Development System, it’s really easy to teach.

Don calls it "Mapping". Here is how it works...

    Immediately look for Option A

    If option A isn’t there, do option B.

    If option B isn't there, do option C.

For example, one thing that Don teaches is that you should always "Think Shot" when catching the ball.

  • This helps prepare you mentally and physically.

  • Your feet are lined up to shoot, your eyes are up so you can see the entire floor… both the defense and open teammates.

  • You put more pressure on the defense. They have to close out more aggressively which can create gaps in the defense.

Option A - If you have the ability to shoot a high percentage and you’re open, you shoot the ball... as long as it makes sense with the time and score.

Option B - If you don't have the shot, you instantly think lay up.

Option C - If defense rotates to stop drive, pull up for a jump shot.

You would be amazed what these simple mapping tips do to your player's assertiveness and aggressiveness on the court.

With repetition through drills, it also frees up your “brain power” to be creative and solve problems. That way, you can make better plays.

This concept is called “Unlock Creativity Through Repetition”. I learned about it from Doug Lemov’s book called Perfect Practice.

This Can Be Applied To All Aspects Of The Game

In Don’s Attack & Counter Skill Development System, he shows you how to apply it to many areas in the game….triple threat attack, attacking ball screens, down screens, zipper screens, moving without the ball, etc.

When I first saw Don teach this in person, I immediately applied to my teams, my training, and my camps because I saw how effective it was.

Click here to learn more about Don Kelbick’s Attack & Counter Player Development system.

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Patrick Doherty says:
3/15/2016 at 1:17:11 AM

We use structured situation drills to teach "Read the play then make a decision" in the motion offence context as follows:
For the ball receiver we teach SHOT if not then PASS if not then DRIBBLE.
SHOT means own options - as in this article, pass to an inside player or cutter or pass to a "shooter ready" outside receiver.
PASS means if you don't have "shot" make the next continuity pass.
DRIBBLE means if you don't have "shot" or "pass" then dribble out of trouble or to the next continuity spot.
For the players not in possession the decisions are:
GET FREE (cut, seal, lead)
CUT (inside, basket, back, curl)


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